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Trade of goods between Brazil and The United States

September 28, 2022.
Logistics Publications, Trade Publications

In its native language, BRASIL, is the largest economy in South America and the third largest economy of the Americas, and yes, indeed, it is a very important player when the subject is trade of goods. However, people tend to know very little about it (Yes, there is more to... Read More

Startup Businesses and Trade Compliance

September 23, 2022.
Logistics Publications, Trade Publications

New Startup Businesses should start looking into developing a trade compliance processes early on. A small business may not be a major concern for the government, but it is important to monitor and keep an eye on all imports and exports. Developing sound trade compliance processes early on can reduce... Read More

How to Know if You’re Overdue for a Tax Automation Project

September 14, 2022.

What Do We Mean By “Tax Automation”? Two areas where technology can enhance tax compliance are in the data transformation and data visualization phases.  The area with the largest opportunities to reap the benefits of automation is in the data transformation phase.  Automation can reduce the... Read More

In Case You Missed It: Last Week in Allyn Tax News (Week of August 29 - September 2)

September 05, 2022.
Tax Publications

Hawaii Golf Courses Assessed Below Par The County of Kauai has issued a regulation to clarify the process of accessing golf courses for real property tax purposes. In Kauai County, real property is normally assessed based on its highest and best use. Although golf courses have many functions including preservation... Read More

Tired of Dealing with Sales Tax? Here’s the Scoop.

August 31, 2022.

Sales Tax is a tax on the sale, transfer, or exchange of a taxable item or service. It is generally added to the sales price and charged to the purchaser or ultimate consumer. Use tax is defined as a tax on the storage, use, or consumption of a taxable item... Read More

How to Manage Your Exemption Certificates Smoothly

August 24, 2022.

If preparing, issuing, collecting, verifying, and storing exemption or resale certificates for exempt sales made in the US was not a daunting task previously, it most certainly is now. How a company manages these changes can have a positive effect on their state and local sales tax compliance as well... Read More

CTPAT: July 2022

August 24, 2022.
Logistics Publications, Trade Publications

In July 2022, CBP updated the Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (CTPAT) Handbook to include considerations to combat Forced Labor. Applicants of the CTPAT program shall declare if they have strategies or programs in place to detect y eliminate forced labor within their supply chains. CBP has doubled down their efforts... Read More

PA Sales and Use Tax Audit Support Case Study

August 23, 2022.
Tax Publications

Allyn offers tailored audit management services that address all elements of the audit from start to finish. We leverage our team’s multi-state tax experience, expertise, and best practices to regularly achieve savings in excess of six figures. Allyn provided sales and use tax audit support for a heavy... Read More

​​​​​​​In Case You Missed It: Last Week in Allyn Tax News (August 15 - 19)

August 22, 2022.
Tax Publications

Stay In The Know, While On The Go Just recently, California passed a budget trailer bill regarding the sale and use of diesel fuel. From October 1, 2022 to October 1, 2023, gross receipts from the sale, storage, use, or consumption of diesel fuel are exempt from sales and use taxes. This exemption only... Read More

An Ongoing Shipping Container Shortage

August 18, 2022.
Logistics Publications, Trade Publications

Shipping containers have always been a significant shipping unit for global trade. Without them, carriers would be unable to move large volumes of cargo. Since the 1950s they belonged to the backbone of supply chains and represented faster and cheaper solutions for moving goods between overseas markets.  With the... Read More

Creating Helpful Incentives to Produce Semiconductors (CHIPS) Act

August 16, 2022.
Trade Publications

The United States Congress has passed and approved the CHIPS, which is focused on revitalizing the domestic manufacturing of microprocessors. The industrial strategy and policy aim to strengthen American supply chain and create jobs. The main objective of the CHIPS Act is to promote the manufacturing and fabrication of semiconductors... Read More

In Case You Missed It: Last Week in Allyn Tax News (August 8-12)

August 15, 2022.
Tax Publications

To Exempt or Not To Exempt The Mississippi Attorney General determined the manufacturing exemption and the free port warehouse exemption for personal property that can be granted is at the sole discretion of the governing authorities of the county. If an entity is eligible, the governing authorities can grant... Read More

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