Unclaimed Property Recovery Services

Unrecovered Funds... Discovered

Property Recovery Process

Unclaimed, or abandoned, property is any financial asset that has not been claimed by the rightful owner for a specified amount of time and is held by the state. 

Allyn has the experience necessary to conduct a full review of your unclaimed property (UCP) and reporting obligations. Our team ensures that you receive your unclaimed funds in a timely manner – as if they were always yours. Our services are contigency-based with no obligation, so you will never over pay for getting your property back.

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Unclaimed Property Flow
  • In 2021 alone, Allyn facilitated claims of over $1.2 Million in unrecovered funds to our clients.

Flawless Transitions

Allyn Tax understands the never-ending demands of every business. This is why our team is equipped to quickly onboard teams of all sizes to ensure the rest of your business operations remain intact. Our specialists are also available to work on-site at your location, ensuring expert-driven guidance alongside your team.

Personalized Consulting

Direct, reliable employees are the foundation of any successful business. With Allyn, you will be provided a dedicated account lead who will work alongside your team, up for anything from routine compliance to last minute pop-up questions.

Tax Technology

Allyn Tax will support the careful selection, integration, and deployment of software solutions that will suit your business needs best. Our professionals will work alongside your IT and Finance team to ensure that your technology will work swiftly with your tax obligations, while considering your cost burdens and limitations, no matter the circumstance.

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