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Compliance Accuracy | Operational Efficiency | Cost Impact

Allyn’s in house software was made by trade our experts to support the needs of our operational team and our clients. Our system is completely customizable to meet the specific needs of each client. We pride ourselves on our flexibility and ability to quickly pivot to the needs of clients and the constantly changing world of Trade.


  • Broker Request
  • Global Parts Database
  • Global Classification
  • Entry Audit
  • Broker Invoice
  • Recordkeeping
  • Post Entry Tracking
  • Dashboards – Strategy and KPI

Flexibility & Fast Deployment


Broker Requests

Built for our team with the Brokers in mind. As a Logistics company we understand that a missing classification is a shipment on hold. Brokers received up to date information to clear shipments quickly and compliantly. Using our system our clients are able to:

  • Capture Key Data Point
  • Minimize clicks and increase efficiency
  • Track turnaround time for requests
  • Identify shipping issues and prevent future delays

100% Audit

We automate data feeds between the brokers and our system. Our audit module compares broker feeds to data on file and flags any errors for review. This allows for a 100% audit with minimal touch points. We help clients to increase compliance and mitigate cost through:

  • Customized audit logic – As Simple or in Depth as Needed
  • Invoice Auditing – Catch Discrepancies and Stop Paying for Duplicates
  • Direct Audit Result Feeds and Payment Authorization

Parts Database

Our in-house parts database can maintain highly detailed information on any number of parts. CIMS also maintains a detailed history for each parts showing when changes are made and by who.

Store Data Such As:

  • Part Number
  • HTS Classification, and Secondary Section 301 Codes
  • Manufacture Name and Address
  • Country of Origin, including Multisource
  • Free Trade Agreement Status and Certificates
  • OGA

Dashboard & Reporting

CIMS has advanced reporting abilities. We can create customized dashboards to help clients track trends and identify gaps in compliance.

Dashboards Show:

  • Savings Information
  • Recordkeeping Compliance
  • Broker Request Turnaround Time
  • Entry Data
  • Classification Volumes
View our Demo Dashboard

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