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Importing Prototypes

November 18, 2022.

Bringing a new product to market often requires creating a product prototype. Developing a product prototype does not only allow companies to conduct a series of tests on their new or redesigned product, but also attract potential investors or get customer feedback before the mass production begins. To promote product... Read More

Rainy Day Delays

November 11, 2022.
Logistics Publications

Due to Hurricane Nicole impacting Florida on November 10, 2022, FedEx has suspended both Express and Ground services in over 800 Florida zip codes. On Thursday, FedEx released a statement advising that due to the storm, Express services would be suspended in 801 zip codes while Ground services in 263 zip codes would also be... Read More

New Export Controls Target China’s Semiconductor Industry

October 28, 2022.
Logistics Publications, Trade Publications

In an effort to restrict China’s ability to purchase and manufacture advanced computing chips, the Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) issued an interim final rule implementing additional controls on advanced computing integrated circuits (ICs), computer commodities that contain such ICs, and certain semiconductor manufacturing items.  Through... Read More

How to Survive Through Property Tax Season… and Still Find Savings

October 13, 2022.
Tax Publications

If you’re not doing this, you’re filing your property taxes wrong.  The essential items to every property tax filer needs to know to be compliant and file timely are: Which jurisdictions to file, Return due dates, Assessment dates, Taxability of tangible personal property, Taxability of... Read More

Australian Brown Memorated Stink Bug Season. 

October 12, 2022.
Logistics Publications, Trade Publications

(Annually, 1st September to 30th April) Australian Biosecurity has strict measures to protect its agricultural and wildlife industries. The Brown Marmorated Stink Bug (BMSB) is a hitchhiking insect currently not present in Australia. These hitchhiking insects are often found hiding inside machinery, equipment, and shipping containers during the colder months.... Read More

Trade Compliance Import Statistics

October 12, 2022.

  Top 5 Countries for IPR Seizures China – 33% Hong Kong – 18% Turkey – 11% Colombia – 6% Philippines – 6% Top 5 Items Seized Wearing apparel / Accessories Handbags / Wallets Footwear Watches / Jewelry Consumer Electronics About Allyn International Allyn International is dedicated to providing high quality, customer centric services and solutions for the global marketplace.... Read More

Executive Order on Advancing Biotechnology

October 12, 2022.
Logistics Publications, Trade Publications

On September 12, 2022, President Joe Biden adopted a policy to coordinate a “whole-of-government approach to advance biotechnology and biomanufacturing towards innovative solutions in health, climate change, energy, food security, agriculture, supply chain resilience, and national and economic security”. A secure supply chain for advancing technology is increasingly important as... Read More

National Logistics Policy (India)

October 11, 2022.
Logistics Publications, Trade Publications

Honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi, on 17th Sep 2022, launched the National Logistics Policy (NLP) that aims to promote not only the seamless movement of goods across the country but also improve the competitiveness of Indian goods in domestic as well as global markets. The policy will be implemented through... Read More

New $90 Million Air Pollution Rules Are Now In Effect

October 10, 2022.
Logistics Publications, Trade Publications

In all things green, California is setting the standard and pace for other states to follow suit in the United States. California released the Clean Truck Fund, estimated to generate $90 million in new fees for trucks entering and leaving their ports. The funds expected from its first year will be... Read More

Merchandise Processing Fee (MPF) 2022 Update

October 04, 2022.
Logistics Publications, Trade Publications

US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) will be adjusting certain user fees on October 1, 2022. The minimum merchandise processing fee (MPF) will be increased to $29.66 from $27.75 and the maximum will be raised to $575.35 from $538.40. MPF is assessed by CPB for most imports into the US on an ad valorem basis, with... Read More

Trade of goods between Brazil and The United States

September 28, 2022.
Logistics Publications, Trade Publications

In its native language, BRASIL, is the largest economy in South America and the third largest economy of the Americas, and yes, indeed, it is a very important player when the subject is trade of goods. However, people tend to know very little about it (Yes, there is more to... Read More

Startup Businesses and Trade Compliance

September 23, 2022.
Logistics Publications, Trade Publications

New Startup Businesses should start looking into developing a trade compliance processes early on. A small business may not be a major concern for the government, but it is important to monitor and keep an eye on all imports and exports. Developing sound trade compliance processes early on can reduce... Read More

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