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Allyn’s Prague Office Contributed to the Světluška Foundation 12,000 Czech Crowns

Posted on April 26, 2017


PRAGUE, Czech Republic (April 20th, 2017) - Allyn International’s Prague office supported the Světluška Night Run 2017 this year, as it has annually. Twenty seven employees from the office participated in this charity event. With Allyn’s contribution covering the registration fee, the company was able to contribute a total of 12,150 Czech Crowns (491 USD) to the Světluška Foundation.

The Světluška Foundation was founded in 2003, and it aims at helping visually-impaired children and adults. Apart from the Night Run, the Foundation organizes various other charity events, such as Café in the Dark and the Světluška Shines concert. This year marks the 6th year of the Světluška Charity Run and it takes place in four Czech cities. Prague’s run took place at the Stromovka Park during night hours, along with other programs.


Allyn International’s Prague Office contributes regularly to charity funds. In 2016, together with the company’s contribution matching, the office contributed to several charity projects a total donation amount of 50,000 Czech Crowns (2,022 USD).

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