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Air Freight Capacity Issues

Posted on December 21, 2017. Category: Logistics Publications

Peak season used to traditionally take place in August and September as shippers were rushing to get freight delivered for the upcoming holiday season, via ocean. However, the current marketplace, influenced by consumer’s reliance on e-commerce, has shifted away from ocean toward air cargo. As a result, we are not only seeing a bigger peak season for air cargo than ocean, but we are seeing higher volumes for air shipments year around.One region hit particularly hard this peak season has been Europe, where volume has caused air carriers to max their capacity and driving up spot rates... Read More

Supply Chain Trends to Watch in 2018

Posted on December 21, 2017. Category: Logistics Publications

There are several key supply chain trends to watch in 2018 - Omnichannel Revenue ManagementThe retail supply chain has been going through a massive transformation. Traditional brick and mortar retailers seek to leverage their stores to better compete against Amazon and other e-commerce retailers. ARC’s Chris Cunnane does an annual survey omnichannel retail in conjunction with DC Velocity.  The main reason retailers invest in expensive omnichannel initiatives is to increase sales, increase market share, and improve customer loyalty.  Meanwhile, most retailers have trouble understanding just what their profitability is surrounding different omnichannel order flow paths.... Read More

A Great Alternative for Super Loads

Posted on December 19, 2017. Category: Logistics Publications

When transporting oversized machinery across the United States and Canada — the Great Lakes offer a tempting alternative to rail and truck. The Great Lakes are connected by a series of channels and canals leading ocean vessels and barges inland as far west as Duluth, Minnesota. As manufacturers continue building larger and more powerful equipment, transporters are challenged to find safe, cost-effective routes for these super loads. Rail and truck are reliable means but can be hindered by dimensional and weight restrictions as well as local DOT permitting and escort concerns. The open waters of the Great Lakes allow flexibility... Read More

What can be done to save the Ocean Shipping Industry?

Posted on December 18, 2017. Category: Logistics Publications

Post-2010 through 2012 ocean freight rates were at an all-time high (Petersen, 2016). However, now there have been massive drops in ocean freight prices to historical lows, and the predictions are not good for the end of 2017 going into 2018. In fact, many experts believe that this trend will be very difficult to reverse barring a worldwide economic miracle related to logistics (Glave, Joerss, & Saxon, 2017). The fact is that, while these rates have been excellent for customers, they have caused many freight lines to operate at a loss (Glave et al, 2017; Petersen, 2016). These companies continuing to operate at a loss will eventually... Read More

Developing A Competitive Advantage in International Logistics Communication

Posted on December 14, 2017. Category: Logistics Publications

In the world we live in today, millions of emails, faxes, and documents are exchanged back and forth each day. In industries such as logistics, people are communicating constantly, whether it be in person, video conferencing or international calls. With ongoing global communication, these people face different challenges due to differences in language, culture, and religion.International communication presents some challenges when it comes to logistics. One of the greatest challenges is effective communication. Different languages and cultures can be a barrier to doing business with people globally. International logistics professionals primarily communicate by e-mail; therefore, it is important to... Read More

What Logistics Trends to Expect in 2018?

Posted on December 07, 2017. Category: Logistics Publications

With 2017 coming to an end and the New Year beginning, as logistics managers, it is time to assess what has worked this year and define strategies for the next year. Understanding what impacts logistics rates and demands requires knowledge of various logistics markets and consideration of a variety of perspectives. For any business, logistics managers need to tie together trend expectations, company goals, and business performance statistics to review logistics strategy, revise logistics processes and revise contracts. Below article is a summary of experts’ anticipated 2018 market behavior across transportation modes.AirThe air industry is expecting a moderate increase... Read More

National Tensions and Logistics

Posted on November 28, 2017. Category: Logistics Publications

While it has often been said that one man cannot change the world, there is evidence that two men, both powerful and in opposition to one another may, in fact, be able to alter the world.The men that are spoken of here are United States President Donald Trump and North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un.  Many have witnessed the altercations, insults, and tensions between these two, and many economists, reporters, and analysts fear that there will be a large conflict between the two nations resulting from the tensions between these two individuals (Steele, 2017).While these concerns should be... Read More

Natural Disasters Affect the Bottom Line - The Impacts of Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria

Posted on November 06, 2017. Category: Logistics PublicationsTrade Publications

By now, many in the logistics and transportation industry, as well as the clients they are serving, are starting to notice an uptick in the cost of their transportation needs. Much of this has to do with the impacts of the recent hurricane season compounded with the normally busier time of year. Disaster relief is itself an impromptu industry and due to immediacy, creates a glut in the market and thus, transportation activity.Many companies are seeing opportunity at every turn, from clean up and landscaping companies all the way to the top of retail mega-corporations like Amazon. So what... Read More

Key to Supply Chain Sustainability

Posted on November 01, 2017. Category: Logistics Publications

There is no doubt that logistics plays an integral role in the supply chain process and its success but often, the overall effectiveness of the logistics process directly impacts reliability, profitability, and the sustainable future of your business.Typically, companies invest in a strong supply chain infrastructure which includes strategic sourcing, commodity management, right-sizing of inventories, rationalizing the supplier base, and the negotiation of material costs. These things are standard industry best practices and mitigate risk to the company while targeting corporate goals but the logistics piece is often an un-negotiated afterthought where crucial savings can be lost.1. Establishing Performance... Read More

The Logistics Advantage for Startups

Posted on October 27, 2017. Category: Logistics Publications

All startups begin as an idea, whether or not that idea turns into a viable business depends on many factors such as the production of a prototype, securing funding, marketing, and manufacturing. One aspect that often gets lost in the shuffle is the management of the supply chain, and more specifically the areas of logistics and transportation. Not having a solid plan for implementing and managing a logistics process can lead to considerable cost hikes or failure to deliver to end customers, two areas that can quickly sink a promising startup.Why Is Logistics Important To a Startup?When it... Read More

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