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Virginia Property Tax Changes in 2018

Posted on March 12, 2018. Category: Tax Publications

The Commonwealth of Virginia has approved several legislative changes relating to property taxes set for a July 1, 2018, effective date. The highlights are listed below and pertain to:Bedford County reassessment Computer equipment used in data centers Single member LLC exemption Merchants’ capital Agricultural productsBedford CountyLocated in the Piedmont region of the Commonwealth of Virginia and seated perfectly at the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Bedford County is home to abundant natural beauty and historical sites.As a property owner in Bedford County, you should know with legislation effective July 1, 2018, Bedford County is authorized to complete a... Read More

Duties on Steel and Aluminum

Posted on March 09, 2018. Category: Logistics PublicationsTrade Publications

President Trump signed two Presidential Proclamations yesterday – one on steel imports and one on aluminum imports.  The President is imposing an additional 25% duty on steel, and an additional 10% duty on aluminum, imported from all countries except Canada and Mexico beginning on March 23, 2018.The breakdown is as follows:Steel Dutiesthe 25% additional duty will apply to “steel articles” imported from all countries except Canada and Mexico as of March 23, 2018; “steel articles” are defined by reference to Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS) 6-digit subheading, as follows:  “7206.10 through 7216.50, 7216.99 through 7301.10, 7302.10, 7302.40 through 7302.90, and 7304.10 through 7306.90, including any subsequent revisions... Read More

The LTL Sector of Trucking

Posted on March 08, 2018. Category: Logistics Publications

In today’s market of “I want it now”, the LTL sector of trucking will see spectacular growth in 2018. With the demand of wanting more frequent and smaller deliveries, the LTL sector will have to adapt by purchasing different types of equipment and adding expedited and guaranteed services. E-commerce consumers and manufacturers are impacting the LTL industry because of the impatience of consumers who want their products fast and frequently. With that being said, an increase in pricing for LTL may be due to increased regulations, fuel, and shortage of qualified drivers.Old Dominion Freight Line (ODFL)... Read More

Georgia Taxpayer Bears Burden of Tax-Free Sale

Posted on March 01, 2018. Category: Tax Publications

In a letter ruling (Georgia Letter Ruling No. LR SUT-2017-16, 11/30/2017) released on 02/19/2018, the Georgia Department of Revenue has ruled that the taxpayer will bear the burden of proof when a sale is made without tax charged.  The only exception to this is if the taxpayer receives from the purchaser a properly executed exemption or resale certificate following Georgia’s good faith standard.  In this case, to meet the good faith standard, the customer needed to be engaged in the business of selling repairs or repair parts and the customer needed to have a valid Georgia sales... Read More

Podcast - Tax Chat: It's Accrual World

Posted on February 22, 2018. Category: Tax Publications

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Why Have a Trade Compliance Team?

Posted on February 22, 2018. Category: Trade Publications

Is your enterprise meeting all of its compliance needs? The great paradox of global trade is that it is integral to growth, but few specialist understand the challenges of operating internationally. Every mid to large size company in business has a strategy in place for meeting their accounting, human resources, and facilities needs and the best among these have developed ways of making these areas value adders. However, compliance with the various laws and regulations that govern global trade is still viewed as an afterthought by many of these same organizations.As global supply chains and the regulatory environment grow... Read More

Rail Intermodal Transport is Taking the Lead

Posted on February 20, 2018. Category: Logistics Publications

Are you looking for a cost-effective logistical solution to meet your transportation needs? Rail intermodal services offer an environmentally friendly way of moving freight while significantly reducing your transportation spend. An easy shipping solution in which a truck- trailer or shipping container is transported by rail combined with a water or truck movement at one or both ends; typically avoiding highway congestion and reducing your transportation cost. According to the Association of American Railroad (AAR) in 2016, rail intermodal accounted for approximately 24 percent of revenue for the major U.S. railroads. We continue to see a significant growth in demand... Read More

“Green” Solutions in Sea Freight

Posted on February 16, 2018. Category: Logistics Publications

Ecology has been an international preoccupation for several years. Many countries are reinforcing norms and increasing taxes to help fight against pollution. Each year, fuel charges amount to between $6.15 and $12.3 million for each vessel. Therefore, some companies are looking for solutions to save on their fuel consumption. Recent studies show that cargo is currently creating as much pollution as 50 million of cars.In France, some of the former workers from Airbus Company have created a startup named SeaWing. Inspired by kite-surfing, the creators imagined a large towing kite connected to the vessels’ bow in order to reduce fuel consummation... Read More

First Completed Test Run for a Self-driving Truck

Posted on February 13, 2018. Category: Logistics Publications

The first completed test run for a self-driving semi-truck was in early February from Los Angeles, California to Jacksonville, Florida. Embark, the manufacturer of the technology, has created a self-driving truck. The truck is a level 2 self-driving truck which means that there has to be a driver present in order for the truck to move. The driver’s purpose is to ensure the truck is operated properly while actively monitoring its progress. The goal for Embark is to create a level 4 truck which, if successful, can be operated with no driver.The goal of Embarks self-driving trucks is to... Read More

Upcoming Texas Tax Amnesty

Posted on February 09, 2018. Category: Tax Publications

On December 21, 2017, the 36th Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts, Glenn Hegar, announced a Texas Tax Amnesty Program to run from May 1, 2018, through June 29, 2018. The temporary program offers relief to delinquent taxpayers in the form of absolving penalties and interest on tax due for certain taxes.The amnesty applies only to periods before January 1, 2018, and is only applicable to liabilities not previously identified as due by the Texas Comptroller. Also not included are periods currently under audit by the State of Texas, International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) taxes, Public Utility Commission (PUC) of Texas gross receipts assessments, local motor vehicle taxes,... Read More

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