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Allyn Launches Online Routing Guide

Posted on June 11, 2010

Allyn International, a global supply chain, trade services and tax management provider, has deployed multi-modal route guide software for a Fortune 500 surgical and medical instrument Manufacturing firm.  Allyn’s route guide software is a user friendly, Software as a Service (SaaS) decision support system that provides a side-by-side comparison of transportation options using sets of defined parameters.
Route guides are tools used to facilitate quick transportation decisions based on existing carrier agreements and strategic company initiatives.  Once basic lane and cargo data is entered, proprietary algorithms are run and users are provided available transportation options along with carrier specific details, such as base rates, accessorial charges, equipment type, and transit time/service level.  Users can determine the least cost carrier as well as compare rates by mode and transit time on a single screen.  In addition, dispatch contacts are provided for quick and easy reference.

“Route guides are a great tool for any size shipper – from smaller firms with limited volume to global Fortune 500 corporations,” said Allyn supply chain consultant, Matthew Paul.  “The implementation of a route guide can reduce costs, improve efficiency, and help to align operational decision making with overall supply chain strategy.”

The route guide software utilizes role based access control, allowing an organization to give third-party shippers and/or vendors access to determine the lowest cost transportation choice without releasing contracted rate information.  This can increase compliance with supply chain strategy in addition to improving productivity at vendor locations. 

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