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Allyn International Presents at Rendezvous of Energy Players in France

Posted on July 09, 2014

BELFORT, France (July 9, 2014) – Allyn International Services France (Allyn) presented at the Rendez-vous des acteurs de l'énergie (Rendez-vous of Energy Players) on June 26 in Belfort, France. Allyn’s presentation was arranged to introduce the company and its services. The event is held every two years and gathers all the national and European players within the energy industry. More than 200 companies and 300 people participated in the meeting with around 800 appointments scheduled during the day.

Allyn’s delegation met several manufacturers from France, the United Kingdom, Switzerland and Italy. “During our discussions, we discovered that each manufacturer has different and specific concerns which we will focus on. Throughout the upcoming weeks, we will provide them with solutions we can offer, such as freight forwarding (3PL), trainings, processes implementation, and specific freight management systems that we could propose through our Allyn Logistics Application,” says local logistics manager Marie-Line Boquillard.

The meeting is a flagship event of the Vallée de l’Energie (Energy Valley) initiative that was established in July 2011 in Belfort. Its objective is to unite all local economic players in the energy sector and create new partnership to maintain and develop the industry in the Franche-Comté region. This region, located in the North-East of France, is influential in the energy sector comprising of many international contractors and has a network of outsourcing professionals in the field.

According to a recent study by the National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies (INSEE) the energy sector employs 7,500 people in North of Franche-Comté in which 4,300 people come directly from main contractors, 1,400 people are subcontractors and additional 1,800 diverse positions. If we were to include all family members of these employees, the energy sector would consequently impact around 18,100 people.

Vallée de l’Energie encourages the structuring and the promotion of the energy business. It regroups all the technical and human resources to develop the most competitive innovating solutions in power and heat production.

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