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Allyn International donates more than $2,000 to Octagon Wildlife Sanctuary

Posted on July 10, 2018

FORT MYERS, Fla. (July 10, 2018) – Each Quarter, an Allyn International (Allyn) employee can nominate a local nonprofit organization that they wish to be considered as that quarter’s charity. The employee whose nonprofit is chosen then becomes chairperson of the fundraising efforts for the quarter. Quarter 2 (2018) charity was run by Mary Winter to benefit the Octagon Wildlife Sanctuary.

“I appreciate the opportunity our organization has given me in order to give back to our community.” Winter stated. From April through June, Winter put together a variety of events throughout the office including T-shirt sales, penny wars and a Casual Dress Day. She also organized a Bake Sale, Ice Cream Social, a raffle for a PTO day and more. Throughout her efforts for the quarter, Mary managed to raise $1,183.11. Along with Mary’s efforts the company will match the $1,183.11 and will be able to donate a total of $2,384.22 to the Octagon Wildlife Sanctuary. Allyn has maintained its corporate value: contribution. In doing so, it has donated more than $150,000 to charities worldwide.

Octagon Wildlife Sanctuary is a non profit sanctuary, meaning they are a nursing home/retirement village for abused and unwanted animals. Though they rescue zoo type animals, these are ones that are 17 to 20 years generations of being born, raised, and sold in captivity to be a "pet" or for business. None of the animals have been taken out of the wild and zoos will not care for them due to their physical and/or mental conditions. At Octagon, visitors are taught about their residents so they understand that each animal has their own uniqueness, intelligence and purpose in the world.

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