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The ‘Informal’!

The more relaxed local business event not to forget: The’ Informal’.

It’s clear that the companies of a same local economic area know them a little or sometimes absolutely not. However, they work next to each other. So since May 2010, the Economics Development Agency of Belfort and its territory has implemented the ‘Informal’.

This is like an informal meeting between managers and sales representative of these companies. The ‘Informal’ occurs every quarter in a company of the Belfort area which wants to participate to that event.
There is no special theme; people can share together about their products, their services. They can discuss as if they were with friends drinking and eating some little things.
People are more relaxed and it can be easier to know and to approach local companies. 

The goals of such meeting are very simple:
-    To extend the network of the local companies, share their business skills, better know the local economic players
-    To exchange business cards
-    To make the integration of new companies easier
-    To better know the welcoming companies. 

The ‘Informal’ are simple and warm meetings between managers and local partners. During the last ‘Informal’ we asked for being a welcoming company of one of the next coming event. 
We plan to organize it for the beginning of the summer 2013. 

Thanks to such event, we will receive the company guests in our office sharing an aperitif. It will be the opportunity for us to present Allyn International and our activities in Belfort to several companies at the same time in a spirit of openness and conviviality.... and to make business of course!


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