Tane Mahuta and the Importance of Biosecurity

Posted on March 05, 2019

Tāne Mahuta also rightly referred to as 'Lord of the Forest' is New Zealand’s largest known living kauri tree. A whopping 4.4 meters in diameter, over 50 meters tall, and said to be over 2,000 years old but is still very much growing.

This magnificent beauty has been the centerpiece of thousands of school trips over generations of children across New Zealand. Unfortunately, Tane Mahuta, who resides in in the truly magical Waipou Forest, is on the verge of extinction.

Phytophthora Agathidicida is a Pathogen that causes what has been named “Kaura Dieback;” it is a disease now found in New Zealand soil, said to be discovered in 2009 (originally named Phytophthora taxon Agathis.) This disease can sense Kauri tree roots and moves towards them using the propeller-like movement, slowly killing these magnificent trees.

At this stage there is no cure for this dieback disease, it can be spread by just a pinhead of soil, and you can't see whether a tree is infected or not. This disease is now found in the soil less than 50 meters away from our historical Tane Mahuta and is closing in. This disease is said to eventually wipe thousands, if not all, Kauris native to New Zealand.

This heartbreaking situation highlights the importance of biosecurity -- two break bulk carriers destined for Australia were recently refused entry and forced to fumigate entire vessels off-shore. One vessel was carrying significant equipment for Oil & Gas projects in Australia. Six open top containers were also rejected, forced to remain on board, and travel to the vessels next destination. Some carriers were forced to entirely suspend services into certain countries.

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Contributor: Renee Bull 

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