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Replacing 232 Duties for Steel and Aluminum with Tariff Rate Quota

In late 2021, the U.S. announced that an agreement was reached with the E.U. to replace existing Section 232 duties (25% steel and 10% aluminum) with a new Tariff Rate Quota (TRQ).  The quota allows for limited quantities of eligible EU steel and aluminum products to be entered free of the Section 232 tariffs.  

After the quotas are filled the imports will be subject to the tariffs unless they have been granted an exclusion to Section 232.


Steel TRQ will be administered quarterly.

The annual import volume under the TRQ is set at 3.3 MMT under 54 product categories.

The quarterly limit per country can be found here: European Union Section 232 Steel Tariff Rate Quota 2022 Q1 and Q2 (

To be eligible steel must be melted or poured in the EU.

Steel quota categories can be found here:


Aluminum TRQ will be administered semi-annually.

The annual import volume is set at 18 thousand metric tons (TMT) for unwrought aluminum under 2 categories, and 366 TMT for semi-finished aluminum under 14 categories.

Imports of derivative articles of aluminum will not be subject to section 232 duties.

The semi-annual limits per country can be found here: European Union Section 232 Aluminum Tariff Rate Quota 2022 (

Aluminum quota categories can be found here:

About Tariff Rate Quotas:

These entries are processed in a “first come, first served” manner based on the presentation date/time until the quota has been met based on the country.

The presentation date/time is determined by when three conditions are met: there must be an error-free entry summary on file, as well as an entry summary payment or statement scheduled information transmitted to ACE, and then the shipment arrival information at the intended port of unlading transmitted to ACE.

The merchandise may also be subjected to anti-dumping and countervailing duty.

If you have questions about the applicability of this TRQ on your imports, or if you would like any additional info on this or any other trade matter, please call Allyn at 239-489-9900 or email us at

Contributor: George Ciaffone

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