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Potential for Change in Section 301 Tariffs

The Biden Administration is evaluating the potential to lower tariffs on non-strategic goods imported from China, as a measure to help combat inflation and advance strategic political and economic priorities.

On April 21st, 2022, Reuters reported Deputy National Security Adviser Daleep Singh’s comments on the potential of restructuring Section 301 tariffs to target “real strategic priorities”. Singh’s comments signal that tariffs on non-strategic goods, such as apparel, could be lowered since the tariffs’ strategic purpose is dated; to address the retaliatory, non-strategic tariffs China imposed on the U.S. in response to Section 301 tariffs; as a measure to address supply chain flexibility; and as a step to help address inflation. Inflation is a key political and economic issue which has potential to significantly influence how the White House addresses Section 301 tariffs. Statements from Singh, USTR Katherine Tai, December comments from Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, and the bi-partisan efforts in the House signal there is real opportunity and support to overhaul Section 301.

When discussing the Administration’s “New Approach to the U.S.-China Trade Relationship”, USTR Katherine Tai stated “…the U.S.-China trade and economic relationship is one of profound consequence.  As the two largest economies in the world, how we relate to each other does not just affect our two countries. It impacts the entire world and billions of workers”. This comment from the USTR illustrates the implications Section 301 has on the global economy.

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Contributor: Ross Wilson

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