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One Reason Your Business is not Operating as Effectively as It Should

What are Workplace Procedures?

An organizations’ procedures are the standardized methods of which to tackle regularly recurring tasks which require accuracy and attention to detail. Across all industries, employers and employees alike do not have systems in place to track and maintain the proper office procedural organization to the degree their company truly needs In recent years, a trend has emerged where streamlined procedures have become frowned upon, in efforts to create free-flowing work environments. However, industries that depend on efficiency and client-oriented results, should re-evaluate their processes to make sure nothing is slipping through the cracks. Doing so will save time and money in the long run despite the initial setup effort.

Why are Procedures Important?

Most times, workplace procedures are meant to exemplify the organizational strategy of the company and translate that message to clientele. Organizations that handle confidential client information on a daily basis are exposed to high-risk situations and any failure of procedural policy can create a thin-ice situation for the company where minor oversights can snowball into major headaches. There are numerous scenarios in which the neglect of procedures can damage a business’s operations or even its reputation; however, one we have found that stands above the rest in lack of attention is: lackluster mail processing solutions. Yes, that almost extinct form of communication – Mail—is a critical component to running any business.

Mail Processing Solutions

As the world sinks further into a world more fully integrated and reliant upon the digital solutions, we notice companies are neglecting to carefully process, classify, and distribute their mail accordingly despite many important, time-sensitive notices such as those from the government still only being distributed in paper-form. State and local jurisdictions are known for their old-fashioned communication methods of providing high-importance messages through mail, which is something businesses should take into consideration and account for with their mail processing solutions and procedures. Very common examples include: property tax assessments, various registration and licensing items, and other miscellaneous business report notices.

Missing a property tax bill because of a weak mail receiving process can result in penalties, liens, and even cause for status of delinquency for your company; all of which are hard for the states to forgive because the burden remains on businesses to be aware of these things. Occasionally, a company might even get an unclaimed property letter via mail expressing that there are funds available to collect, meaning there is money that the state is trying to give back to you, and it may go unseen. Do not let the neglect of core organizational strategies create unnecessary liabilities or missed opportunities for your company, especially due to something as simple as mail.

Tips for the Taxpayer

Business that are registered in various taxing jurisdictions are recommended to use one physical mailing address for all tax type purposes. This will streamline the mail receiving process and make it easier to track important and time-sensitive notices. Make it a routine to scan and label all incoming mail the same-day it arrives, as this will allow for a back-up in case anything is misplaced (which happens all the time during peak-seasons) and will eliminate the possibility for any delays. A digital archive and tracking system will make mail processing solutions as seamless part of your business operations and provide comfort in knowing that nothing is being overlooked.

How Can We Help?

It’s easy to lose control of situations sometimes and human error is almost guaranteed, that’s why integrity and quality control is at the core of Allyn’s mail processing solutions.

Serving the fast-paced needs of our industry we strive to challenge the status quo of communicative services. Our tax consultants assist our clients in the distribution of actionable physical mail correspondence in a systematic fashion which emphasizes punctuality, privacy, and personalization. These services are at the heart of Allyn International’s mission to enable our customers to succeed by providing exceptional services that enable them to focus on their core business. 

Undistributed critical correspondence often carries significant financial consequences, however, hiring mail processing staff can be equally costly. Allyn’s cost-effective mail processing solutions leverage analyst expertise to reduce distribution time and avoid late action induced financial penalties. Tax consultants are aptly suited for mail classification as the majority of the hard copy mail received in the digital age comes from governmental entities. No expert is better equipped to swiftly assign this critical mail to the right members of an organization than a tax professional.  Contact us and we can provide a customized cost-effective solution to meet your company’s needs. For further information on Allyn Tax services, please contact:

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Contributor: Sandy David

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