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New $90 Million Air Pollution Rules Are Now In Effect

In all things green, California is setting the standard and pace for other states to follow suit in the United States. California released the Clean Truck Fund, estimated to generate $90 million in new fees for trucks entering and leaving their ports. The funds expected from its first year will be used to help San Pedro Bay port complex reach its goals to become a 100% zero-emission drayage truck fleet by 2035.

April 1 started the collections on a $10 fee per TEU or $20 per container longer than 20ft on loaded import and export containers as they enter/leave container terminals. Officials stated that phasing out older trucks that cause more pollution has been the key to clean air gains for San Pedro Bay going back to the original program from 2008 called the Clean Air Action Plan. Even though diesel emissions have been cut by as much as 97% as compared to 2005, trucks remain the ports’ largest source of greenhouse gas emissions and contribute to regional smog.

The Los Angeles Harbor Commission last week approved priority initiatives to incentivize the purchase of ZE trucks that will service the Pedro by port complex by rolling out the Truck Voucher Incentive Program. The Port of Los Angeles will provide first come first served, point of sale ZE truck purchase vouchers up to $150,000 to a licensed motor carrier who is on the Port Drayage Truck Registry. If they accept the voucher, they agree to provide drayage to the San Pedro Bay Port complex for three years.

This infrastructure program was modeled after current federal, state, and local grant programs that are managed by third-party administrators. The funds collected will then be used to fund support license motor carriers to install or obtain the ZE charging/furling stations. Additional uses of the fund include the development of public charging stations as well.

Using these efforts as a mold for other ports around the world the cut of greenhouse gasses would be immense. The need for goods to be transported through these ports will remain so the effort to change current equipment to be more efficient and “greener” would be a no-brainer. Until people try together on a global scale to reduce or eliminate greenhouse gas emissions, our planet will continue to deteriorate. There are many possible steps, but we must take steps.

Contributor: Ashley Howard

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