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In Case You Missed It: Last Week in Allyn Tax News (Week of January 31, 2023)

Illinois- Register Your Vending Machine

The Illinois Department of Revenue has amended a regulation (86 Ill. Adm. Code § 130.701, effective 01/17/2023), to reflect it is unlawful for any person to engage in the business of selling tangible personal property at retail in Illinois without a certificate of registration from the Department of Revenue. The amended regulation states the Department will deny a certificate of registration to any applicant in default for money due. Additionally, an applicant selling tangible personal property with a vending machine must state the number of operating vending machines on the application to register. The Department will then furnish the applicant with a sub-certificate of registration for each vending machine.


3 Quick Alteryx Tips

Alteryx Designer is the leading data transformation tool used to reduce the amount of time spent preparing, cleaning, and blending data. The following quick tips can help you get started.

· Keep it simple in the beginning. Start by automating a part of a process. Additional layers of complexity can be added over time.
· Take advantage of the Alteryx Community resources including free interactive lessons and learning paths.
· When you are not sure how to proceed in a workflow, use the search bar in the Alteryx Designer platform. You can find suggested tools with examples of how to apply the tool with sample workflows.

Alabama- Payment of royalties by software provider for copyrighted content not subject to sales and use tax.

The Alabama Department of Revenue has ruled that the taxpayer, a provider of medical billing software, was not subject to sales and use tax on its payment of royalties to a copywrite owner for the use of medical billing codes incorporated into its software. The taxpayer licenses the medical billing codes from the copywrite owner and pays what both parties classify as "royalties" for the use of the materials. The codes are known in the industry as current procedural terminology (CPT) content and are used to designate medical procedures that are completed for medical billing. The Department determined that the taxpayer was paying a royalty to the owner to have the possession or use of these copyrighted CPT codes for a consideration and for the duration of a definite or indefinite period of time without transfer of the title to this property.


How Can We Help?

Allyn’s tax team is staffed with seasoned tax professionals experienced in all aspects of Federal, multi-state and local tax compliance and consulting for large US and global corporations. We use that experience to your advantage.

Here at Allyn, we pride ourselves on our ability to always “stay on top of it”. We use the latest in tax software and create a unique, rigorous process for each and every client’s needs, ensuring that nothing slips through the cracks. Our team is equipped to assess in-advance and quickly resolve all tax issues that a business may encounter, allowing our clients to confidently focus on what they do best.

Allyn Tax offers a full scope of corporate tax services across North America, encompassing business tax compliance and consulting, audit defense and support, nexus reviews and registrations, exemption certificate management, overpayment reviews, and mail processing solutions.

Contact us and we can provide a customized cost-effective solution to meet your company’s needs. For further information on Allyn Tax services, please contact:


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