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In Case You Missed It: Last Week in Allyn Tax News (June 27 - July 1)

Let the Music Rock and the Sales Tax Roll – Lease of Georgia COAMs Determined Taxable

The lower court finding that amounts paid to lease coin-operated amusement machines (COAMs) are subject to sales tax has been upheld by the Georgia Court of Appeals. An exemption does exist for the money inserted into COAMs for dispensing music, however, this does not cover the cost of leasing these COAMs.

Live Life with No Expiration Date, Except at This Moment—IL Posts Notice of Expiration

The Illinois Department of Revenue has amended its rule to allow the Department to post a notice of expiration for certificates of registration. Upon expiration of a certificate of registration, the Department may post a notice at the place or places of business, stating that the certificate of registration has expired. The notice announces that it is unlawful for any person to engage in the business of selling tangible personal property at retail in the state without an active certificate of registration issued by the Department.

Over 30 Days Means It’s Tax-Free… Right?

The Missouri Department of Revenue has released guidance that states a hotel room provider should not charge sales tax for room rentals that meet or exceed 30 days if the room rental is paid by a business or an individual. Overall, the taxability of a room rental exceeding the 30-day mark depends on the nature of the individual staying in the room and not upon the character of the payment.

The Future of Solar Energy is Bright – And Sales Tax Exempt

A sales tax exemption has been authorized, in Missouri, for purchases by a company of “solar photovoltaic energy systems, components used to construct a solar photovoltaic energy system, and all purchases of materials and supplies used directly to construct or make improvements to such systems.” This applies to systems that are sold or leased to an end consumer to generate, accumulate, and transfer electricity for resale or retail.

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