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In Case You Missed It: Last Week in Allyn Tax News (August 8-12)

To Exempt or Not To Exempt

The Mississippi Attorney General determined the manufacturing exemption and the free port warehouse exemption for personal property that can be granted is at the sole discretion of the governing authorities of the county. If an entity is eligible, the governing authorities can grant both exemptions.  Whether entities qualify for the tax exemption for property at various stages of the manufacturing process is for the board of supervisors to decide. Free port warehouses must be licensed by the governing authorities of the county where the warehouse or storage facility is located.


What a relief!—KY Disaster Relief Eligibility

The Kentucky Department of Revenue has updated the list of counties eligible for the sales and use tax disaster relief refund. The statute provides a refund of Kentucky sales and use tax paid for building materials permanently installed in the repair or replacement of structures damaged in specified counties. Beginning July 26, 2022, certain counties are eligible for relief resulting from severe storms, flooding, landslides, and mudslides. Refunds apply to purchases made on or after the date of July 29, 2022. The legal building owner of each establishment may receive 100% of the Kentucky sales and use tax actually paid for building materials up to a maximum refund of $6,000.


It's Not Too Late to Fix Use Tax Mistakes

Audits are often met with discomfort but performing a reverse tax audit can always prove to be rewarding.  Oftentimes, companies can end up making double payments of sales/use tax because their vendors may already be charging them sales tax. A reverse (tax) audit is an optional review of a company’s sales and use tax in order to identify potential over accruals and overpayments. A reverse audit can also draw attention to any gaps within the tax process or validate already sound accounting practices. At Allyn Tax, we act as an extension of your team by researching exemptions your business qualifies for, reviewing tax payments, and applying for any refunds on your behalf.


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