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Import / export documentation – AISF supports you to deal with it!

In doing international business, import & export documentation plays a very important role.

Above all in case of imports, the efficiency of the Customs Clearance procedure and/or the bank remittance for letter of credit depends on the documents requested (they may vary from a country to another), the correctness of the information put in the documents, the availability of the right documents.

Any delay in filing or non availability of the documents can slow down the Customs Clearance process and generate extra costs but also can make loose business. Same thing for the documents needed for the bank remittance in case of letter of credit. 

Thanks to our great experience in the project management in many various countries, Allyn International Services France can support you for the management of the whole project in terms of transport / logistics or only for the import & export documentation part.

Each country has its own needs in terms of documentation. Our expertise can help you not to loose time and money and maybe business. 

For one of our greatest client, we use to manage projects in countries like Russia, India, Iraq, Azerbaijan, Algeria, Tunisia, Angola… and so many others. 

During the last quarter 2012, we have been asked to issue all the documentation needed for all the on-going projects. It was essential for our client’s Finance Department and for the sales recognition to receive a maximum of cash before the end of the year. All the export and import documentation requested for the payment had to be issued properly almost 2 weeks before end of December especially for shipments covered by a letter of credit to get the cash. We succeeded in providing all documentation on time, with the correct information, that’s why we work for our client for more than 12 years. He trusts us for such reactivity and such expertise.

So do not hesitate to contact us for export/import shipping invoices, packing lists, certificate of origins, EUR1, draft for bill of lading or airway bill or other documents needed.

You can contact us directly: 0033. –


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