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If it fits, it ships…. Not really!

I always believed the slogan, “if it fits, it ships.” However, that is not always true. Although it may fit into the box, it doesn’t mean that the box is strong enough for shipping. Boxes have packaging specifications.
According to the Argrov Box website, “the Manufacturer's Certification Stamp is usually printed on one of the bottom flaps of the box. The stamp identifies the material as "singlewall", "doublewall", or "triplewall". It also certifies the Mullen Bursting Test (most common is 200 lbs. per square inch) or the Edge Crush Test (ECT 32 lbs. per inch).

The Mullen Test measures the bursting strength of the corrugated linerboard while the Edge Crush Test measures linerboard stacking strength. The 200 lbs. Mullen box and the 32 ECT box are comparable in stacking strength. But that is where the similarity ends.

The Mullen Test box is better suited for the protection of heavier contents while the Edge Crush Test box provides lighter weight cartons with good stacking characteristics. When in doubt as to which box to use, always select the Mullen Test box because the construction of the linerboard cannot be altered. For example, 200# Mullen Test linerboard must be made of 42# per square inch basis weight paper and the medium or flute paper cannot be less than 23# per square inch basis weight.”


Contributor: Pamela Leever, Sourcing Specialist at Allyn Logistics in Ft. Myers, FL

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