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EU Proposes Measures for Conflict Mineral Importers

The European Union (EU) has proposed a set of measures to encourage the responsible trading of tin, tungsten, tantalum, and gold in an effort to reduce the financing of armed groups in conflict areas (such as the Democratic Republic of Congo). The proposed rule is similar to the United States Securities and Exchange Commission’s Dodd Frank Section 1502 regarding conflict minerals. The EU’s proposal would set up a system of self-certification for importers who choose to import responsibly (i.e. not sourcing minerals from mines and smelters that fund conflict in Africa).

In an effort to increase accountability among smelters and refiners, the EU is planning to release a list of responsible smelters and refiners on a yearly basis. This will allow importers in the EU to easily import only from responsible sources. Also proposed by the committee are incentives for companies selling certain electronics (e.g. mobile phones, printers, and computers), and financial support for small to medium sized importers. This proposal will help the EU continue promoting ethical and responsible supply chains, and encourages foreign policy that condemns the funding of armed conflict.
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