Coronavirus Update - December 15

Posted on December 15, 2020

Allyn International is committed to providing you with the latest updates during this very fluid and ever-changing period. Our goal with the information provided below is to give you at a high-level, a current overview of the most heavily impacted regions.

Several countries around the world have approved the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine and distribution plans are being executed globally. Logistics professions, carriers, and health care professionals are working together to ensure the vaccine is transported and administered safely and as quickly as possible.

The following tables will provide the current cargo transport operational status and capacity levels for heavily affected countries.

  • Capacity is limited from Australia to the Americas, Asia Pacific, Europe and the Middle East. Minor container shortages.
  • Limited capacity from Japan to the Americas and the Asia Pacific. Capacity is available to Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Little to no container shortages.
  • Capacity is very low from South Korea to Europe, Asia Pacific, Africa, the Americas, and the Middle East. Major container shortages.
  • Capacity is very low from Brazil across all trade lanes. Minor to medium container shortages.
  • Capacity is very low or not available from India across all trade lanes. Major container shortages.
  • Capacity is available from Singapore across all trade lanes except the Americas, where capacity is limited. Minor to medium container shortages.
  • Capacity is limited from the UAE across all trade lanes. Little to no container shortages.

United States of America Domestic Trucking Overview – Updated 12.15.2020
• The dry van spot rate is currently $2.48 (-2% week over week) per mile, while flatbed and reefer spot rates are $2.44 (0% week over week) and $2.66 (-2% week over week) respectively.

If you have any questions regarding the impact of the coronavirus to your supply chain or would like additional research and market intelligence, please contact our Americas Consulting and Sourcing manager Mitchell Turiel at or (239) 219-7179.