Coronavirus Update - April 24

Posted on April 24, 2020

Allyn International is committed to providing you with the latest and most accurate updates during this very fluid and everchanging period. Our goal with the information provided below, is to give you, at a high-level, a current overview of the most heavily impacted regions.
All week we have been hearing reports about countries, states and provinces reopening economies and a staged approach for lifting restrictions on people; all a positive sign of recovery. While the COVID-19 infection rate continues to decline in many areas we need to continue our vigilance and remain both optimistic and well informed, particularly within our local communities. The global pandemic continues to remain very fluid and regulations, infections and recovery rates vary greatly between areas.


  • Several US states have released a reopening strategy. Most are set to go into effect in early May, while others are effective as early as today.
  • Brazil and Ecuador have emerged as the Latin American coronavirus epicenters now that testing and tracking have increased.

United States – 870,468 confirmed cases, 80,934 (9%) recovered, 50,031 deaths


  • The trucking availability in Spain is beginning to improve both domestically and cross-border.
  • Russian borders are operational however expect delays for European cross-border transport.
  • Turkey’s stay-at-home orders currently are set to be lifted April 27.
  • Etihad Cargo and the Australian government partnered to offer critical international airfreight assistance to Australia. The carrier will provide dedicated cargo services between Abu Dhabi and Australia.
  • The Austrian government lifted stay-at-home orders this week; border checks remain but congestion is beginning to ease.
  • Spain announced the state of emergency will be extended until May 9. Border controls have been extended until May 15.

Spain – 219,764 confirmed cases, 92,355 (42%) recovered, 22,524 deaths
Italy – 189,973 confirmed cases, 57,576 (30%) recovered, 25,549 deaths
France – 159,495 confirmed cases, 42,792 (27%) recovered, 21,889 deaths
Germany – 153,584 confirmed cases, 106,800 (70%) recovered, 5,577 deaths
United Kingdom – 139,246 confirmed cases, 712 (.5%) recovered, 18,791 deaths
Iran – 88,194 confirmed cases, 66,599 (76%) recovered, 5,574 deaths


  • Transport congestion at the Shanghai airport may be caused by the upcoming Chinese Labor Holiday, May 1 to May 5.
  • Indonesia’s domestic trucking services are limited due to government closed roadways.

China – 83,885 confirmed cases, 78,024 (93%) recovered, 4,636 deaths

The following tables will provide the current cargo transport operational status for heavily affected countries.

Global Air Cargo Transport – Updated 4.24.2020

Please note: the above table displays airport operational updates and does not include carrier capacity data
*Aircraft from mainland China or South Korea will be limited to Tokyo Narita (NRT) and Osaka Kansai (KIX) international airports. Restrictions apply until
at least the end of April.
** Atlanta and New York City airports are operational for cargo, but staffing reductions are impacting efficiency. No freighters are flying in Denver as a
result of state government restrictions. Los Angeles operating with restricted operations, cargo movement impacted.
*** Restricted operations in India are impacting cargo flights; freighters are operating with reduced capacity. Customs of non-essential goods have
resumed subject to availability of Custom’s officers.

Global Air Freight Capacity by Trade Lane – Updated 04.24.2020

  • Munich Airport said that Qatar Airways is operating 11 cargo flights per week, Lufthansa Cargo is operating daily flights to Shanghai and Beijing and Uzbekistan Airways has now begun a twice weekly charter operation.
  • Capacity remains low, especially for long haul and India destinations.

Global Ocean Transport Impact – Updated 04.24.2020

  • Some carriers have announced a “Equipment Imbalance” surcharge for areas where shortages are acute.

Please note: The above table displays seaport operational updates and does not include carrier capacity data

Global Ocean Container Average Price by Trade Lane – Baltic Index – Updated 04.24.2020

*Source: Freightos Baltic Index

Global Road and Rail Transport – Updated 04.24.2020

Please note: The table above displays road and rail operational updates and does not include carrier capacity data

United States of America Domestic Trucking Overview – Updated 04.24.2020
A domino effect will be felt as cities and states around the United State begin to enact their reopening strategies. As businesses reopen and people return to their workplaces the demand for trucking will begin to increase. Experts believe the trucking industry will start to feel those effects mid-May given the spread of the virus continues to ease.

  • Rates within most US markets are declining to normal or below normal levels however areas that may see an increase are:
    • Loads with an origin of Washington, Wyoming, South Dakota and Rhode Island.

The chart below shows a timeline of spot market activity from January to April 2020.

Our operations and consulting teams are working diligently and will continue to offer alternative solutions to move your cargo in the most cost-effective and efficient way possible. All Allyn International regional offices are fully operational and will continue to support you as we navigate the current and future challenges.
If you have any questions regarding the impact of the coronavirus to your supply chain or would like additional research and market intelligence, please contact our Americas Consulting and Sourcing manager Mitchell Turiel at or (239) 219-7179.