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Change In AES Exemptions for TIB & Carnet

As of April 5th, 2014, a final rule under the U.S. Foreign Trade Regulations will be enforced requiring some items which were previously exempt under 15 CFR 30.37 to be tracked by the U.S. Census Bureau using the Automated Export System (AES).

The final rule removes the exemptions for temporary shipments. As a result of this rule change, Temporary Importations under Bond (TIB) are no longer exempt from AES. 

Additionally, these new regulations affect carnets as well. Previously, all goods traveling under a carnet were exempt; however, under the final rule change the following are the only exemptions: 
•    Goods valued less than $2500 are exempt. As long as no single item on the General List is valued greater than $2500 - no EEI filing is necessary unless subject to licensing or other export controls.
•    Hand-carried goods traveling under a carnet, unless subject to licensing or other export controls, are exempt.
•    Goods traveling under a carnet from US to Canada, unless subject to licensing or other export controls, are exempt.

In-bond (in-transit) shipments will remain excluded under 15 CFR 30.2(d)(1)).

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