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Allyn’s ATOM Reimagines the Trade Compliance Process

With an increasing number of orders requiring international fulfillment, companies are experiencing the effects of trade policy more than ever before. New tariffs, trade agreements, e-commerce regulations, and even sanctions have led to frequently changing trade requirements, which have caused confusion or delay in most cases.    

The Standard

Allyn’s CIMS module has been the backbone of our trade compliance service since 2003, and it has been a best-in-class solution from the get-go. It has mainly operated on the broker-first model, wherein the broker will make first pass at customs entry based on the documents they receive, along with SOPs and HTS parts database they have on hand.

If the broker requires any additional information to make entry, they will request clearance instructions from the importer. This is still the model used by most importers and remains quite effective, but there is a better way.

Improving the Model

Allyn has developed a solution that will improve results on every aspect of an international shipment. The new model will allow for a seamless union between the order process, logistics, and trade compliance process. No longer will shipments be stuck pending export review, document turnover, or classification, and customs brokers will no longer be able to claim that a shipment is stuck in customs awaiting clearance information, documents, or PGA information.

Allyn’s ATOM

ATOM, which stands for Allyn Trade Origin Model, is a game changer, and greatly minimizes the potential of any compliance delay. ATOM will ensure increases in successful time delivery KPIs, client satisfaction ratings, and minimized costs, all while maintaining the highest possible compliance rate.  ATOM is based on the following three principles:

  1. Compliance Checks: PO information will be compared to compliance information stored in the system. Checks are customizable per client and will include all pertinent compliance information (HTS, ECCN, License Info, Screening, Value, AD/CVD, etc.).
  2. Moving the Process Upstream: The PO information is fed to Allyn well in advance of the required pickup date. This will initiate the ATOM compliance checks process. Any missing information will trigger an error that must be corrected by the compliance team prior to a shipment being arranged. By ensuring that all compliance is in place prior to shipping, there will be no delays.
  3. Clearance:  Once the import and export compliance checks are completed, the shipment is triggered for shipping and the compliance information will be sent. There are several configurations that can send clearance information to brokers in a manner that best suits each client. The options include CUSDEC, via parts list, or via an email with specific clearance instructions. Additionally, AES can be filed directly from CIMS if the compliance information is correct and the appropriate EEI has been provided.

Broker Model Comparison


If you would like a demo of ATOM or any other functionality of Allyn’s CIMS system, please contact us at

Contributor: Matthew Dreckman

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