Allyn Does their Part During COVID-19

Posted on June 18, 2020

Allen and Julie Lynn, two former GE employees, founded Allyn International Services Inc with a vision to create a new kind of company focused on customer service, integrity, employee training, and development. Since 1992, Allyn has been committed to furthering the personal and professional development of its team members.

When the pandemic swept across the globe, Allyn shifted their focus to what else they could do to help others. The logistics, trade compliance, and tax management powerhouse, with years of experience in the global marketplace, had been developing inhouse virtual eLearning training for quite some time. With a proven track record of producing educational material for adult learners on their core business operations, they soon realized they could provide online eLearning training content to external audiences as well.

Developed in-house and led by subject matter experts, in response to COVID-19, Allyn has recently created eLearnings for external audiences on the topics of incoterms, customs classification, transportation modes, and documents of air, ocean, and ground transportation essentials. These online training courses are fit for individuals working or aspiring to work in supply chain management, including but not limited to those in procurement, sourcing, buyer, and project management positions. All courses provide visual, auditory, and interactive parts, with most including a separate final exam allowing one to validate their acquired knowledge.

To support the personal and professional development of others, along with naturally limiting interactions, which we know reduces the spread of the virus, for some time, Allyn is offering all its introductory online eLearning training courses for free. Additionally, they are offering the more intermediate and advanced courses for a discounted rate of 50% off.

Details about the courses, content, and relevant offers can be found on the following pages:

Course catalog
Training blog

Contributor: Deirdre Trevett 

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