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Russia – Customs convey, specific documentation

AISF has been chosen by one of its new client to organize the shipment to Russia of a full production line automation system for the automotive industry. This project consists of door-to-door transportation of about 8 full trucks. The first truck was loaded in April and the other ones will be loaded in June within 10 days.

Material is manufactured and loaded in France and delivered to Russia, in Togliatti (about 1200 km far from Moscow).

The transit time is about 12 days excluding the import customs process ex Europe.

Actually, in Belorussia and in Russia the trucks are stopped at the customs border and conveyed by customs agents to cross the country. This process is mandatory when the material exceeds 100,000 USD.
The conveyors agent can stop trucks for several days if they decide to wait for other trucks to organize convey. In such case we are totally dependent on what they plan to do.
In addition to the organization and the follow-up of the trucks, AISF supports the client for the documentation.

For Russian customs the full set of documents (shipping/annex invoices, master packing list) has to be fully detailed with value, harmonized system codes, drawings and sometimes pictures for each item.
The documentation always needs to be approved by the final client and its freight forwarder before shipment to avoid any customs issue at destination.

AISF offers to this client a full offer: road transportation, follow-up, assistance in documentation, help for export and customs process, issue of the TIR carnet (the TIR Carnet is a customs transit document used to prove the existence of the international guarantee for duties and taxes for the goods transported under the TIR system).

Bangladesh – Letter of credit, HS code

AISF is currently working with its client (the exporter) and the final client on the finalization of a letter of credit for a project to Bangladesh. The HS codes of all items have to be mentioned in the letter of credit (L/C). Without such details, the final client could reject the signature of the L/C.

Actually it is possible not to use exactly the same HS codes for the export than for the import customs. In such case, AISF has to issue a set of documents for the export formalities and another one for the import formalities.

So the choice of the HS codes which will be appearing in the L/C will have to be exactly the same than the ones put in the import documentation. Otherwise, the final client and its freight forwarder can have fines   with Bangladesh customs authorities.

During ITO part, AISF supports the exporter and the final client for a part of the L/C wording. Then during OTR part, AISF manages the project in terms of logistics and transportation.


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