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6 Things You Need to Know to Start Filing Property Tax Returns

Knowledge is Key

Are you ready to file your business tangible property tax returns? If not, where can you find answers to your initial questions?

Do you know where and when your returns are due?

Do you know the “snapshot” date for the return data?

Do you know what’s taxable and required to be listed for each jurisdiction?

Do you know if inventory is taxable in the jurisdiction and if any exemptions exist?

Six Essential Items

There are numerous pieces of information utilized when filing personal property tax returns throughout the US. To get started with the daunting process that can vary from county to county, city to city, and state to state, there are six critical elements.

The following are six essential items that every property tax return filer needs to know to be compliant and file timely:

  1. Which jurisdictions to file
  2. Return due dates
  3. Assessment dates
  4. Taxability of tangible personal property
  5. Taxability of inventory
  6. Availability of freeport storage exemptions

Explore Allyn International’s complimentary State by State Personal Property Tax Filer’s Reference Materials which contains the essential filing components in an interactive, downloadable chart along with reference maps.

Allyn’s convenient reference guide for taxability of tangible personal property and inventory, assessment dates, personal property tax return due dates, and availability of freeport inventory exemptions. The chart is organized at a state level with notes where exceptions may occur.

For answers to additional questions, visit Allyn’s Tax Resources page.

How Can We Help?

Allyn’s tax team is staffed with seasoned tax professionals experienced in all aspects of Federal, multi-state and local tax compliance and consulting for large US and global corporations. We use that experience to your advantage.

Allyn files state and local property tax returns in every US taxing jurisdiction. Allyn obtains property tax data, analyzes it for proper classification, cost basis, and exemptions, and ensures timely and accurate property tax return filing and property tax bill payment processing.

We routinely conduct opportunity reviews in all US states for companies and advise clients with proactive measures to improve their tax compliance. Allyn can review your asset listing and returns, property tax bills, provide onsite property tax reviews, prepare and file returns and manage the payment of property taxes throughout the US. We can manage your tax compliance, create a solid tax process, and provide audit defense for your company.

Contact us and we can provide a customized cost-effective solution to meet your company’s needs. For further information on Allyn Tax services, please contact:

For More Information

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