Our success is made possible by over 330 team members located throughout North America, South America, Europe, and Asia. Allyn team members are immersed in a corporate culture of education, leadership, philanthropy, team-building and empowerment. These are the people that drive the vision and are Allyn’s most important resource.

The Allyn Advantage program was established in 2016 to support our efforts in recruiting top notch interns for the Allyn Apprentice Program. The Allyn Advantage is currently operating within our global headquarters in Fort Myers, FL as well as our other offices located throughout the United States in Berwyn, PA, Schenectady, NY and Greenville, SC. Allyn's managers and leaders help to guide interns throughout the training process that incorporates hands on learning skills and valuable experience in a professional setting. Many graduates return to Allyn as full-time employees.  Allyn also actively recruits from top-rated business and maritime universities around the world.

All full-time Allyn personnel participate in continuing education programs, designed to ensure that our team members are the most knowledgeable in their fields. A corporate training specialist administers programs focused on both technical and soft skills. The State of Florida has twice awarded Allyn International Services, Inc. grants toward our training programs.

Allyn teambuilding events bring full-time employees, from around the globe, together to develop lasting bonds that strengthen their working relationships. Each team building event is held in a different location and has a specific theme. The events focus on leadership, empowerment and problem-solving, and help promote the company vision and values.

We believe our team should stay active and healthy. Allyn sponsors team members in various marathons, walks and other sporting events. On-site fitness centers are available at various locations and are subsidized at others. Allyn also promotes intra-office sporting events such as kickball and softball.


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