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Red Flags that Lead to IRS Audits

To paraphrase Franklin Roosevelt, the only thing we have to fear is an audit. The most important thing to know about audits is that there is no guaranteed way to prevent one. Therefore, it should be no surprise that the most trusted way to prevent an audit is to ensure that your tax returns are filed timely, accurately, with integrity, and in accordance with sound accounting principles. Everything you do that causes your business to stand out increases your risk. Below I have listed several reasons that can trigger an audit and ways to minimize that risk.

Extravagant Expenses

Are you living the high life while your business struggles? The IRS will be curious how you purchased a new, luxury vehicle if your business reported a loss. Be certain to keep receipts and detailed records of business expenses. Furthermore, a bank account used exclusively for business transactions can make keeping records simpler and easier.

Round Numbers

A tax return consisting of many round numbers is a red flag due to the low odds of this occurring. Using large, whole amounts indicates that you are estimating rather than copying receipts as you should be doing.

Multiple Net Losses

A business losing money soon after inception is common. However, if you consistently record a loss, the IRS may wonder if your business is surviving with unreported income.  

Filing Late

If you are too busy to file by the deadline, request an extension. Filing late can cause the IRS to take a closer look while also putting you on the hook for penalties and interest.

Excessive Deductions

Think twice before claiming your vehicle is solely for business use. Do you ever use this vehicle to get groceries or drop off your kids at school? Tax laws can be tedious and difficult to keep up with, but it is important to do so lest you deduct an expense that is no longer valid. For example, the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act eliminated the deduction for entertainment expenses. Now you will have to pay for that concert out of your own pocket when attempting to woo potential clients.

Cash Transactions

Cash may be king, but that shiny crown allows the IRS to easily spot you. Cash transactions are more difficult to verify. Keeping detailed records of all cash transactions will help you during audit defense. Additionally, if you run a cash-heavy business and receive more than $10,000 in cash in a single transaction or related transactions, you need to fill out Form 8300.

Tips for the Taxpayer

So, you did everything in your power to avoid being audited, but you were one of the unlucky ones randomly selected. Remember not to panic because you have followed the tips in this article and kept detailed records for all business transactions. If the Taxman does select you, read over the IRS Audits section for common questions so that you know what to expect.

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Contributor: Kyle Armstrong

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