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Customs Recordkeeping Made Easy

Having trouble locating a specific customs record?  Do you have to look through filing cabinets for old documents or travel offsite and rummage though boxes and files to find a customs entry?  

U.S. Customs requires that importers retain their records for a period of 5 years.  This can be a daunting task.   An importer may be subject to customs penalties if a document can’t be produced.   Additionally if an importer asks their broker(s) to send them copies they may find a hefty charge associated with this request.  

Allyn International’s Electronic Recordkeeping Module will give you the ability to access and retrieve records at your fingertips.  Our web-based recordkeeping module is a part of our proprietary customs and logistics software, ALA™.  It allows for upload, storage and querying of documents.  This best in class recordkeeping solution allows importers to have confidence knowing their documentation is safe and readily available.   

The documents will be received directly from the client’s designated customs broker and loaded into ALA™, where they will be linked up with customs data, also received electronically from your broker. The end result is the ability to query and pull up documents via the standard fields that are found on a customs entry.  These fields include:
•    HTS
•    Broker
•    Supplier
•    Entry Date
•    Description
•    Part Number 
•    Country of Origin / Export

This web based system will provide a reliable solution for record keeping and will go a long way towards increasing your company’s compliance.  You can easily pull invoices and 7501’s in order to perform audits.  Additionally you can pull NAFTA certificates, bills of material, spec sheets, packing lists, bearing checklists, mill certificates, and any other governmental agency (OGA) forms that are stored with the entry.

This recordkeeping module in ALA™ also allows for the importer to have access to entry data reports including:

•    Total Entered Value
•    Duty and Taxes 
•    NAFTA Savings
•    ADD/CVD 

The existence of this entry data and the reporting capabilities that come with it will allow for any client to think strategically about their imports. You can identify trends and see where your costs are located, as well as monitor potential duty mitigation strategies. 

If you would like to discuss this tool in depth or if you would like a demonstration of the system please contact Allyn International at 


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