Allyn was founded in 1992 by Julie Willard and Allen Trevett, former GE employees. They opened an office in Tampa, FL with a vision to create a new kind of company focused on customer service, integrity, employee training & development, sustainable growth, community service, and enjoyment. Allyn started by offering US customs compliance services. In May 1995, the office was relocated to Fort Myers, FL to support an expansion into tax management, supply chain consulting, logistics sourcing, and transportation management.

Allyn continued to grow the transportation management and logistics sourcing operation, mainly by partnering with clients in the power generation industry.  By early 2000, Allyn was providing these services globally from the Fort Myers office.  As part of the sustainable growth strategy, a decision was made to expand beyond the US by opening an office in Europe.

In September 2000, Allyn selected Prague, Czech Republic as the European headquarters, after considering several locations in Western Europe.  The new office started out by managing intra-European transport, exports, and logistics sourcing.  Soon, additional locations were opened in 7 other European countries to provide local on-site supply chain services for our clients.

As part of the customer centric strategy, Allyn opened offices in Shanghai, P.R. China in November 2003 and Moscow, Russia in January, 2008, to better support our multinational clients.  The new offices enable Allyn to provide local transportation management expertise in key emerging markets.

In March 2005, the co-owners invited a select group of senior managers to a meeting in Stowe, VT for the purpose of forming a steering committee to ensure business continuity.  Members of the Corporate Executive Committee (CEC) are expected to share the vision of the co-owners and promote the company vision.  CEC committees include Finance and Corporate Governance, IT and Software Development, Employee Development and Corporate Social Responsibility, Business Development, Quality and Customer Focus, and Strategic Programs.

To improve client diversification, Allyn formed a plan to secure business from the US Government.  In 2006, Allyn was awarded a 20 year federal contract with the United States General Services Administration (GSA).  The GSA qualifies Allyn to provide logistic and supply chain services to federal government agencies.

In March 2008, the Allyn family experienced a tremendous loss with the death of co-owner Julie Willard.  Allen Trevett remains owner of Allyn International Services, Inc., guiding the company forward through the original vision laid out by the founders in 1992.


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