Allyn can provide expertise and consulting services for US imports.

HTS Classification
Whether you have questions about the HTS for a single part or you would like your entire parts database reviewed, Allyn has the personnel and experience to ensure you are using the correct HTS classification.

Allyn can ensure that your imports are valued in accordance with U.S. Customs Regulations and the WCO Valuation agreement.

Country of Origin
Allyn can verify the country or origin and markings of your imported goods.

Duty Deferral
Allyn can assist in mitigating your duties paid through duty deferral programs such as Drawback, US Goods Returned, FTZ and TIB (Temporary Imports under Bond).

Special Programs
The experts at Allyn can decrease your duty payments by helping you take advantage of Free Trade Agreements such as NAFTA, US-Chile FTA, GSP, etc…

Broker Management
Broker management is key to maintaining a compliant import program. Allyn can assist with broker selection, implementation of broker SOP’s, and measurement of brokers’ performance. 

Entry Audit
Allyn has the unique ability to audit 100% of your customs entries. The timely auditing of entries allows for mistakes to be corrected prior to entry summary date, thereby minimizing the need to file Post Entry Amendments.

Government Interface
Allyn’s five Licensed Customs Brokers have experience interfacing with U.S. Customs Border Protection and can assist you in the following areas: Requests for Information, Notices of Action, Notices of Liquidated Damages, Fines, Penalties, Forfeitures, Focused Assessments, etc.

Allyn can help evaluate or implement your record keeping practices to make sure that they are in accordance with Customs regulations.

Compliance Manual
Allyn can help your company develop a customized Import Compliance Manual that defines your processes and internal controls. 


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