Tax Technology

Allyn offers customized IT solutions tailored to your business requirements. Whether tax, logistics, or global trade compliance, Allyn IT has produced premier digital tools preferred in the marketplace and utilized by Fortune 100 and global leading companies. Not only is our staff of Allyn tax professionals experienced in the majority of tax software in the marketplace, but Allyn has also created its own exemption certificate management software in 2005 – TIMS (Tax Imaging Management System).

TIMS has been rebranded into CERTlocker! We have maintained the functionality of TIMS but it is now offered in a fresh look to complement the most updated technology.

Exemption Certificate Management Solutions - CERTlocker:

Technology developed by tax professionals and IT experts designed for the tax professional provides a cost-effective and efficient way of digitally storing data and images of fully vetted exemption certificates. Allyn provides US exemption certificate management solutions powered by our software.


With a secure online web portal, exemption certificates are submitted, critical data is captured, information is validated, and properly completed auditable records are digitally stored and readily available for your next sales tax audit. Paper is eliminated from your process as Allyn stores certificates and data in a virtual cloud environment.


Peace of mind is attained as Allyn tax professionals obtain, review, and ensure current, complete and accurate certificates are verified and stored for all of your exempt sales and customers in all states.


Efficiencies are gained through Allyn’s standard procedure and ease of use with CERTlocker. Allyn’s experience has been that sales tax audit liabilities are virtually nonexistent following a robust review of exempt sales and exemption certificates utilizing our proven processes and tools. Certificates verified by Allyn are defendable under state sales tax audit.


Collected and verified at the time of transaction and renewed prior to expiration, exemption certificates are always valid and clear. Proper certificate forms are maintained with all required fields accurately populated.

Finally a provider is coming forward with a cost-effective solution that balances expert management and technological support. 

CERTlocker is designed to be operated by tax professionals and accessible to clients, customers, and for audit defense. Offering a dashboard and workflow status as well as import and export data functionality, CERTlocker is the only streamlined software solution needed to ensure compliance and to minimize tax liabilities.

Gain control of your exemption certificates with Allyn’s automated solution of document management.

Be prepared for audit prior to receiving audit notification. Know that your sales tax liability associated with exemption certificates is reduced before an audit is conducted. Perform sales tax audit management with ease.

Sending certificates is quick and easy with online uploads or you can mail or fax it to Allyn, and we will handle it.

Allyn client portal – TaxLocker 

Clients of Allyn Tax utilize a convenient and secure method of file transfer and visibility to tax documents. With TaxLocker, returns and important files are readily available through a web portal designed for each client.

Transfer of documents is simple and immediate with Allyn’s TaxLocker. Having access to your company’s tax files is essential. Allyn bridges the gap with TaxLocker, allowing you to view what you need when you need it.

Paper files are a way of the past. Electronically stored images of tax returns, annual reports, licenses, and key tax filings are provided through TaxLocker.

Software Experience:

Allyn has multi-state compliance and consulting experience utilizing the following tax systems and software:



Bloomberg Law


eForm RS


InSource RS




Power BI






Sage Intacct


Sovos Taxware


Thomson Reuters Checkpoint

Thomson Reuters Westlaw