Recent Successes

A sampling of what we’ve done for our clients:

  • Provided multi-state audit defense resulting in tax liability reductions of $7,120,000 
  • Completed a physical inventory and valuation of a US heavy equipment manufacturer’s Texas branch, appealed the personal property tax assessment, and received a refund of $65,000 in tax
  • Developed a state of the art web-based exemption certificate management system (TIMS™) applicable to all types of business to optically scan, store, renew, validate, and generate exception reporting, currently housing 15,000 exemption certificates
  • Performed exemption certificate management services for a large US rental equipment corporation in all states resulting in $150,000 tax liabilities avoided 
  • Reviewed 3,600 credit memo requests, determined taxability, issued credits, and filed refund claims with taxing jurisdictions resulting in $1,721,200 tax received
  • Recovered refunds of $1,400,000 based on use tax overpayment reviews (reverse audits)
  • Relocated and reorganized a leading corporation’s sales and use tax compliance operation uncovering more than $2,000,000 in tax overpayments in the process
  • Reviewed a major truck manufacturer’s Indiana adjusted gross income tax and obtained an $800,000 tax refund
  • Identified a client’s accounting error resulting in a sales and use tax audit liability savings of $300,000 and additional income tax savings after return amendments
  • Facilitated $100,000 tax recovery related to bad debts
  • Obtained 30% personal property tax reduction for a significant clothing retailer for all Florida locations
  • Averaged 35% tax reductions for audit liabilities compared to prior audit liabilities