Sales and Use Taxes (US and Canada)

US and Canadian transaction tax reporting and payment management

Proper monitoring of tax regulations for multiple jurisdictions throughout the US and Canada can be time-consuming and confusing. Our tax professionals manage the issues of nexus, taxability, tax base, and filing options. We timely and accurately prepare and file US and Canadian transaction tax returns in each applicable taxing jurisdiction and utilize electronic filing and payment where available. Included in this service is the preparation and filing of estimated payments and prepayments. We are experienced with various tax systems and use Vertex® for return filing.

Compliance program implementation – e-file, EFT, EDI

Our tax professionals are proficient with electronic filing and electronic payment management of sales and use tax liabilities. We review your current processes and documents and recommend improvements. We establish strong routines to ensure timely filing, payment, and reconciliation. We also conduct nexus reviews to ensure your company is complying with state-specific guidelines.

Compliance and opportunity reviews

Companies using in-house support for their tax analysis, preparation, and filing should seek an outside assessment to identify non-compliance or overpayment situations and savings opportunities. Our tax professionals review your tax processes and returns to highlight such potential overpayment areas and work with you to develop and implement a process improvement plan. We file claims for refund with the states and localities and recover overpayments for you.

Exemption certificate management

Allyn’s tax and IT specialists worked together with input from our clients to design a unique and adaptable exemption certificate management system. TIMS™ (Tax Imaging Management System) is web based software that electronically stores exemption certificates and key certificate data. We work with you to tailor TIMS™ to your company’s needs. The system takes a proactive and interactive approach by reducing audit exposure through improved compliance structures, creating a centralized database accessible by your business or other delegates through the web. We review certificates upon receipt and validate them for accuracy and completeness. We request renewal certificates from your customers before they expire.

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Use tax reviews (reverse audits)

Our tax professionals audit your company’s purchases records to maximize exemptions and to accrue and report the appropriate amount of use tax. We take the proactive approach to managing your sales and use tax needs by keeping abreast of the current tax laws and regulations. We also provide reverse audits by reviewing purchases for overpayment of tax and filing refund claims with taxing jurisdictions or offsetting audit liabilities.

Audit management

Coupled with or separate from our compliance practice for state and local sales and use tax, our tax professionals offer representation before the taxing jurisdictions in the event of an audit or notice issued. We are there from the start to guide your company through the complexities of the audit process. We ensure any overpayments are recognized and recovered. We serve as the direct liaison between your company and the auditor, keeping you informed while taking care of all of the paperwork, auditor interaction, and deadlines that accompany an audit.

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Tax incentives and taxability research

Many state and local governments offer a wide variety of tax incentives and exemptions. Involve us in the planning process to ensure that your company has the information necessary to make wise business decisions in order to take advantage of exemptions or incentives in the future. We routinely provide tax advice backed by regulations and laws supporting transaction taxability specific to your circumstances.

Corporate sales and use tax training

Companies are constantly trying to keep up with the intricacies of sales and use tax compliance. As experts in this field, our tax professionals provide your employees with comprehensive training on many different tax topics. We work closely with your company to create a personalized training structure that meets your needs, whether it is online training sessions or onsite training seminars at your location.

Tax budgeting and account reconciliation

Developing an accurate projection of your annual tax liability is important for budgeting. Our tax professionals assist in the budgeting process throughout the year as well as provide reconciliations of the tax accounts used.