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The Especial Case of Northern Ireland after Brexit

Posted on January 15, 2021. Category: Trade Publications

Good Friday agreement ended with the violence of the Troubles, a political conflict between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland that had ensued since the late 1960s. This agreement established a cooperation relationship between both regions and with Great Britain with a set of strands.One of the key elements of Brexit was not to have a hard border when separating the UK from the EU. In response to that, the border was established in the sea that surrounds the island of Great Britain, leaving Northern Ireland with the following conditions:Moving goods from Northern Ireland to Great Britain...

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Brexit Deal: What It Means For Importers

Posted on January 14, 2021. Category: Trade Publications

The United Kingdom has not been a member of the European Union since January 2020, one year ago. However, the effects of the change were not immediately felt as all parties agreed upon a transition period of 11 months. That time expired with the dawning of January 1, 2021.During the nearly four years since the British people voted to leave the EU, British politicians have struggled to find an exit plan that satisfied their national goals and was also acceptable to the EU. Finally, on Christmas Eve 2020, an agreement was reached, narrowly avoiding a “No Deal” Brexit, which would likely have...

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What You Need To Know About UK-EU Shipping Post Brexit

Posted on January 13, 2021. Category: Trade Publications

Common TransitAs of 1st January 2021, all goods moving between the UK and the EU require export and import declarations.The UK Government recommends the use of common transit when exporting or taking goods out of the UK to move them quickly and delay duty until the destination is reached. The documents are also known as T1, T2 and T2F declarations and these will depend on the status of the goods if they are union goods or non-union goods and on its destination.Common transit is a customs procedure that allows the movement of goods to, from, through or...

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UK and Japan Partner on Trade

Posted on December 15, 2020. Category: Trade Publications

According to the United Kingdom’s Department for International Trade, Japan and the United Kingdom signed a Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA) in Tokyo on October 23rd.The agreement signed by both countries is not only an incentive for economic development in a world that is slowly recovering from financial crises due to the Covid-19 pandemic but is also a means for Japan to express its support of the UK joining the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). Additionally, as Brexit looms on the horizon, this major deal allows the UK to present itself as an independent trading nation.The International Trade...

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Learn with Allyn International Newsletter

Posted on December 10, 2020. Category: Logistics Publications, Trade Publications

"How Ports Work" course released with a newsletter exclusive price of $5! Save up to $30.Allyn International has released a new introductory level course presenting some introductory level information related to How (cargo) ports work.In this course, we talk about ports in general and review an example one, before looking at some standard handling equipment, as well as the main cargo types and their related terminals. We will then look at simulated animations of a break-bulk and of a container port before closing up the module. Seat time is 45 to 55 minutes.To thank you for subscribing to our newsletter,...

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Customs Broker License Exam in 2020

Posted on October 28, 2020. Category: Trade Publications

The Customs Broker License Exam (CBLE) is offered by US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) twice per year, once in April and once in October. This exam is notoriously challenging to pass, but those who succeed can go on to become Licensed Customs Brokers (LCB), an impressive achievement in the Trade Compliance field, generally acknowledge to indicate a high level of expertise. This year has seen interesting developments as CBP attempted to update the exam format with the increased use of digital tools while simultaneously facing the global COVID-19 pandemic challenges.With COVID-19 difficulties in the second quarter of 2020, CBP...

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Sam’s Club Jumping in on “Ship-from-Store”

Posted on October 22, 2020. Category: Logistics Publications, Trade Publications

COVID 19 indeed has everyone changing their ways to adapt to the new norm and stay afloat. Sam's Club is joining the transition to utilizing e-commerce and keep its quarantining members. They are launching their "ship-from-store" / "club" program this quarter in attempts to save holiday sales along with saving money in transportation costs. Sam's Club already has most of the online shopping options but luckily prepared for the switch to fulfill more e-commerce orders in 2018 when they started turning their closed stores into fulfillment centers.Sam's Club hired 2,000 permanent supply chain workers to account for the influx...

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The Fall of Hong Kong, China’s Trade Middleman

Posted on October 06, 2020. Category: Trade Publications

The news of China's implementation of the national security law is not new, but the treatment of the once important sovereign state by world leaders is. Hong Kong is a trade hub between China and the rest of the world. It has been given special treatment by the United States, the United Kingdom, and the European Union as an autonomous zone.The United States was first on the list of superpowers to strip Hong Kong of its preferential treatment. Since the United States-Hong Kong Policy Act of 1992 and Hong Kong's release as a British territory in 1997, Hong Kong...

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Setting Up A Compliance Ship-to-Home Model

Posted on September 24, 2020. Category: Logistics Publications, Trade Publications

The Need for A New Model Since the onset of the global pandemic, many companies have provided their employees the opportunity to work remotely to promote safety. Working from home presents a few challenges, with one of the biggest being how to handle shipments to/from at-home personnel. This process becomes increasingly challenging for international shipments, where any delays can have far-reaching operational and compliance implications.Let’s consider the engineer who needs to receive some samples or a prototype. In the past, the sample would have been shipped via the normal process and delivered to the engineer in...

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Is Waste Sorted Today?

Posted on August 24, 2020. Category: Logistics Publications, Tax Publications, Trade Publications

Did you know that since July 1, 2019, garbage classification went live in Shanghai? Shanghai city is the 1st city in China to start garbage classification. Based on Shanghai’s classification standards, all waste is classified to these categories: hazardous waste, recyclable waste, household food waste, and residual waste. All citizens can be informed of this process with a leaflet and handbook from their neighborhood committee.This information is also broadcast on television.My daughter, who is 5 years old, learned about garbage classification from her teacher in kindergarten. I am surprised that she knows quite well how to sort our...

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