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Duty-Free as Tools of Trade

Posted on January 15, 2020. Category: Trade Publications

What do an MRI machine, a screwdriver, and a laptop have in common? A random assortment of goods for sure, but each of these products, as well as many other items, could be eligible for duty-free importation under the US Customs Provision: Tools of Trade. According to Customs and Border Protection (CBP), tools of trade are defined as instruments, equipment, or apparatus that are necessary for the exercise of a trade or profession.  Now you may be wondering, what exactly constitutes a tool of trade? Is the product you are importing eligible for duty free status?In order to...

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What to Expect for Trade Compliance in 2020

Posted on December 17, 2019. Category: Trade Publications

The world of international trade continues to be in a state of constant change. Here are a few topics that will help shape the international trade landscape in 2020.1. Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership: The RCEP is a trade agreement launched in 2012 in Cambodia, that involves 16 Asian countries that together make one third of the entire world’s Gross Domestic Product. However, since launched, the agreement has never been signed.All countries part of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and other major economies such as China, Japan, and South Korea commonly decide to finally commit to signing the agreement...

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WTO Approves Additional Tariffs on EU Aircraft

Posted on December 17, 2019. Category: Trade Publications

A trade battle that has spanned over a decade, the United States has been given the OK from the World Trade Organization to impose tariffs on European made aircraft. The main target is the aircraft manufacturer Airbus, the biggest competitor of the United States aircraft manufacturer Boeing. The United States has imposed a 10% rate on all aircraft imported into the United States, along with a 25% tariff on other items. The issue came from both aircraft manufactures accepting illegal subsidies worth billions of dollars. With the approval of the World Trade Organization, outside countries cannot retaliate against the US for...

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Section 301 Tariff Update

Posted on December 16, 2019. Category: Trade Publications

On December 13th President Trump reduced and suspended tariff changes that were due to take place on December 15th.  The other 301 tariff lists are to remain at the current rate that they are in and will not be changed.The list 4b which includes all goods that were not on any previous 301 tariffs increase list is going to be suspended until further notice due to an agreement that the United States made with China. This agreement will also reduce the tariffs on list 4a from 15% to 7.5% the effective date of the reduction is not yet announced.In this...

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Simplifying Incoterms 2020

Posted on December 10, 2019. Category: Logistics Publications, Trade Publications

International commercial terms (incoterms), are the guidelines for global trade around the world. To provide clarity in the contractual flow, we must understand the incoterms that are being used in the contract between the buyer and the seller for each transaction. Correctly understood incoterms ensure a smoother and effective process. The most recent edition was presented by the International Chamber of Commerce, Incoterms 2020. This is the ninth version of incoterms since they were first introduced in 1936. One major change is Delivered At Place (DAP, 2010) was renamed Delivered at Place Unloaded (DPU, 2020). DAP was renamed to DPU to make it distinctly...

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Latest Tariff News

Posted on December 05, 2019. Category: Logistics Publications, Trade Publications

On Monday December 2, President Trump advised that his administration is considering tariffs as high as 100% on French goods in retaliation for a new Tax on digital services, greatly impacting U.S technology companies. The office of the U.S. Trade Representative deemed the tax discriminatory against U.S. companies. The estimated value of imported goods impacted could be up to $2.4 Billion U.S. and includes cheese, beauty products, handbags and certain wines.Trump also advised new tariffs on steel (25%) and aluminum (10%) from Brazil and Argentina, in retaliation for what he claims is currency devaluation on their part. These tariffs will...

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Section 301 News: Progress on Trade Talks

Posted on October 14, 2019. Category: Trade Publications

After negotiations last, week the U.S. and China have agreed on the first steps to de-escalate the trade war. The results of this talks are the following:Lists 1, 2, and 3 will not increase to 30% on October 15th, 2019 but will stay at 25%. As of right now, list 4B is still scheduled to go into effect on December 15th, 2019. China has committed to buying $40 to $50 billion worth of U.S. agriculture annually. There was also reported progress on intellectual property, currency manipulation and tech transfer, among other things, but the details have not yet been provided.Latest Tariff Increase Schedule...

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MPF Increase in 2019

Posted on October 10, 2019. Category: Trade Publications

To account for inflation, US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) adjusted certain user fees on October 1, 2019. The minimum merchandise processing fee (MPF) will be increased to $26.79 from $25 and the maximum will be raised to $519.76 from $485. MPF is assessed by CPB for most imports into the US on an ad valorem basis, with the percentage being used to calculate MPF remaining at .3464%. MPF will be waived for goods that qualify for certain free trade agreements, such as NAFTA. The MPF for entries under $2,500 will remain at the $2 flat rate.Contributor: Matt Dreckman About Allyn International Allyn International...

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A Global HTS Solution

Posted on September 12, 2019. Category: Trade Publications

The World Customs Organization is represented by 183 customs administrations and represents 98% of the world’s trade. When goods are shipped internationally, they must be classified for customs purposes using a Harmonized Tariff Schedule Number (HTS). Each separate product is assigned a classification code and amongst other things, the HTS number is used to determine the applicable duty rates. One of Allyn International’s core competencies is HTS classification, with services offered on a local or global level. Regardless of country of import, Allyn can provide correct HTS number(s) for your products to ensure compliance with applicable...

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Incoterms 2020

Posted on September 11, 2019. Category: Trade Publications

On September 10, 2019 the International Chamber of Commerce launched Incoterms® 2020. Incoterms® rules on the use of domestic and international trade terms and facilite the conduct of global trade.In order to be effective, contracts will have to specify that Incoterms® 2020 are being used. This updated edition of trade terms seeks to provide clarity to companies in several areas:Key Changes for 2020Change in the three-letter name from DAT to DPUIncoterms® 2020 replaces DAT (Delivered at Terminal) with DPU (Delivered at Place Unloaded). This broadens delivery to places other than a terminal. DPU is the only...

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