Transportation Management (ALA)

Allyn Logistics Application (ALA) provides a single cloud-based platform to manage all transportation activities in your global supply chain. Combing powerful technology and 20 years of international logistics experience, ALA enables you to improve efficiency, reduce freight cost, and optimize service. With more standard features and modules than any other TMS on the market, ALA is an enterprise-grade platform with robust controls and security for your data.



Flexible Order Capturing

ALA integrates with all major ERPs to receive order details and connect upstream and downstream processes and information. Flexible field mapping capabilities allow ALA to receive order details at multiple levels, which reduces data entry and improves data quality. Leveraging ALA's eTR module, users can plan and optimize shipments against the orders.

Order details can also be entered by users through the eTR module. User access and permissions to the eTR module can be configured so that different user types can request and plan transportation

Powerful Transportation Planning Capabilities

ALA has powerful transportation planning capabilities to support complex international shipments and simple domestic shipments. Utilizing the captured order details, users can view order information to determine the best route, mode, and LSP.

To help users optimize the transportation plan ALA performs automated rating through the embedded contract rating engine Smart Route. Smart Route provides mode and LSP options with details such as transit time, cost breakdown, and service level.

Spot Bid / Freight Auctions / Premium Approval

Users can also perform a spot bid utilizing ALA eRFQ. eRFQ distributes the order and transportation details to multiple LSPs and captures theirs bids.

Additionally, the eRFQ module has a freight auction functionality so LSPs have the option to submit multiple bids based on the current lowest bid. eRFQ increases user efficiency and provides an average savings of 15%.

ALA has a premium approval feature. Premium approval is triggered for shipments that meet certain cost criteria. Premium approval criteria are configurable and supports multi-level approval.

Shipment Execution

ALA simplifies shipment booking and tendering across all modes. Users can book and tender shipments to the selected LSP electronically through EDI, API, and email AutoTender. ALA will automatically receive the LSPs response and populate confirmation details from the LSP.

ALA’s robust document creation tool provides a variety of standard shipping documents. Shipping documents can be generated and store by users in ALA. The shipping documents can be customized to include business specific references and corporate branding.

Tender and booking information can be automatically sent to specified parties and viewed in the web-portal.

In-Transits Management

ALA gives users advanced shipment tracking leveraging LSP integrations. Tracking details can include milestone and event updates and real-time visibility.

Tracking details can be viewed by different user types in the web-based portal and the ALA mobile application ALA Touch.

Logistics users can configure automated push notifications based on shipment milestones and events and define a list of notification recipients.

Remote management via Mobile Application

ALA Touch gives users mobile access to tracking information and premium approval functionality. ALA Touch is available on iOS and Android.

Small Parcel Module

ALA features a standalone parcel module. The parcel module provides a simplified experience where they can enter shipment details, shop rates, schedule the shipment, print labels, and track the shipment. User access and permissions to the parcel module can be configured so that different user types can book parcel shipments. Features include the ability to hide rates and account numbers.

Dashboards and Reporting

ALA has rich analytics and reporting capabilities.  In the reporting module, users can visualize data through the embedded dashboards. ALA dashboards give real-time analytics on spend, volume, LSP performance, and more.

ALA has 10 standard dashboards and customized dashboards can be easily added.

Users can create ad-hoc reports in the warehouse. In the warehouse, users can select ALA data tables and columns, apply filters, export the data, and save user-built reports.

User access and permissions to the reporting module can be configured for different user types.

Freight Payment Match File

The ALA invoice audit module can electronically receive freight invoices from LSPs and freight payment centers. Invoices are automatically matched against the shipment in ALA and shown in an audit dashboard for users to action. Users can also enter the freight invoices details in ALA.

Freight Claims

ALA users can easily audit freight invoices and files and track claims against ALA shipments. The claims module captures claim details, shipment details, and stores documents. Users can track the status of claim and from filing to settlement.