Real and Personal Property Taxes

From personal property, inventory, and real property valuation to tax bill payments and account reconciliation, Allyn’s tax team offers a full spectrum of services designed to assist you with your property tax compliance needs. Allyn can identify areas to reduce your property tax burden. 

Allyn manages hundreds of property tax renditions and thousands of property tax assessment notices and tax bills throughout the year. We confirm asset locations, determine asset classifications, verify taxability, and identify all available exemptions. We obtain tax savings through proper asset classification and reporting, application of exemptions, and appropriate depreciation schedules.

We validate your fixed assets report and map and import the data into PTMS software. We select the appropriate depreciation tables to be applied to your fixed assets for property tax valuation purposes. We research and apply for available exemptions for fixed assets and inventory. We offer value-added services in capitalized cost reviews, site reviews, and physical inventories in an effort to identify tax savings opportunities. 

We analyze and confirm assessed values compared to reported values. We contact and work with tax assessors to correct erroneous valuations. We verify tax bills for accuracy and make payment on your behalf to the taxing jurisdictions. We provide a property tax budget for your forecasting needs. All returns and payments receive a one-over-one review and are filed timely using USPS Certificate of Mailing as proof of filing.

Business personal property tax rendition preparation using PTMS software

Backed by PTMS, state-of-the-art property tax management software, our tax professionals accurately manage the valuation of your property and shrink your property tax liability to its lowest liability.

Assessment notice review and valuation appeals

Once the assessment notice is received, there is only a short time to confirm the value or file an appeal. Our tax professionals systematically review assessments and file an appeal, if warranted, to minimize your tax liability. 

Tax bill payments

Because of their sheer volume and variation in due dates, property tax bills can often be overlooked and end up being paid late, incurring late fees and penalties. Allyn’s automated approach to managing your tax payments guarantees timely bill payment, maximization of early payment discounts, and late fee and penalty prevention.

On-site tax savings opportunity review

In addition to normal property tax compliance, our Tax professionals can conduct a thorough on-site review of your personal and real property in order to uncover the maximum tax saving opportunities.

Tax audit management

An audit can be a very stressful and time-consuming task. Our tax analysts can manage the audit and professionally represent you in the day-to-day demands of an audit. Taking that burden away allows you to focus on your core business. We will also conduct our own examination to seek out and maximize any refunds or overpayments within the audit sample.

Consulting on tax issues

With ever-changing tax laws and hundreds of jurisdictions to deal with, keeping up with current tax issues can be a daunting task. Our tax professionals are dedicated to keeping abreast of new legislative changes. We can perform research and give your business our expert advice on a variety of property tax questions. 

Capitalized cost reviews

Are there excess costs capitalized in your fixed assets? Are you paying property taxes annually on these excess costs? Our team can perform a review aimed at analyzing the various expenses incorporated in the capitalized cost to ensure the correct taxable value is reported, thereby reducing your property taxes.

Inventory valuation analysis including exemption applications 

Allyn can assist your company in the valuation of its inventory. We research and apply for any and all applicable exemptions. We routinely save clients thousands of dollars through Freeport and Inventory in Transit exemptions in Texas and Georgia.

Tax budgeting and accounting (reconciliation)

Developing an accurate projection of your annual tax liability is important for budgeting as well as avoiding penalties. Our tax professionals can assist in the budgeting process and provide reconciliations of the tax accounts used.

Free trade zone and enterprise zone applications preparation

Is your business setting up a new location? Allyn will identify any special economic incentives the locality offers and complete the application process on your behalf. Our tax professionals can also offer assistance in making the choice of a new location based on our analysis of the property tax incentives.