Miscellaneous Taxes

Annual reports

Filing annual reports with states and paying associated fees in a timely fashion is critical to your company’s compliance. Allyn’s tax team can process your annual reports. We will create a comprehensive due date calendar and utilize electronic filing and payment, where available, to ensure timely compliance and avoid penalties and late fees, as well as schedule renewals and payments on your behalf. 

Business, occupational, privilege, manufacturer, rep, dealer licenses

Our tax professionals have years of experience navigating through the thousands of unique licenses for every state, county, city or township. To guarantee your interstate sales process runs smoothly, Allyn’s tax team will manage and interpret your sales data to ensure timely compliance in renewing manufacturing and factory branch licenses. We can create an imprest bank account to make the license payment process a smooth one. By establishing a strong rapport with your business representatives, we can make renewing your representative licenses an easy and painless process.

Fuel, highway, and excise taxes

If your company’s trucking needs cross state lines, your company can be liable for the International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA, FRET, or HHUT) tax. Allyn’s tax team will take care of everything from interpreting and managing the fuel purchase data from your drivers to filing and paying the tax on time, so your company can get back to what really matters.

Unclaimed property reporting

Searching for your company’s unclaimed property can turn in to a full-time job, yet your business could potentially be losing thousands of dollars in assets. Let our tax professionals navigate through confusing state regulations, documentation and reporting requirements, and varying holding periods on your behalf to track down your hidden savings by settling un-cashed payouts or payroll checks.