Waste Classification Plan in China

Posted on August 15, 2019

On July 1, 2019, Shanghai, China formally implemented a garbage classification plan. Citizens are still learning the definition and requirements of dry, wet and recyclable garbage. In China, sanitary landfill or even simple landfill are main ways to dispose garbage. However, these disposal methods occupy substantial land and pollute the environment by producing sewage and raising the insect breeding such as mosquitos. Also, the plastic waste beneath the ground is harmful to the quality of soil and might reduce crop production or even poison plants. Furthermore, if these plants are eaten by animals, it would cause massive death.

   In order to solve the problem of excessive waste, the concept of recyclable garbage emerged. Recyclable garbage is waste that is converted to energy or renewable products. In fact, over 30% of garbage can be used to produce useful products. Therefore, recycling becomes one of the best ways to deal with tons of trash.

   Since the emergence of recyclable waste, for the last 30 months, residents in Shanghai used over 2.5 million kilowatt-hour electricity powered by converted waste. As the garbage processing capacity raised, more and more wet waste is converting to green energy which and consumed by innumerable families.

   Even though their usage time is short, it takes 200 years for a tin can, 2 million years for a glass bottle, 4.5 million years for a plastic takeout box to degrade. None of us wants to live in a world surrounded by garbage, so let’s work together to protect our earth by classifying waste in order to create sustainable alternatives. Let’s protect the earth, protect ecology, protect plants and animals, so is to protect our human beings.

Contributor: Hyde Wang 

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