The RFQ Story

Posted on April 29, 2021

RFQ…. Many of you are familiar with the acronym RFQ. A request for quote (RFQ) is a process in which a company selects certain suppliers and contractors to submit price quotes and bids for the chance to fulfill specific tasks or projects, like the movement of freight. However, some of you may not know how our Logistics Team uses a very automated Support Central process to accomplish this.

There are typically six steps in an RFQ: prepare RFQ, define Supplier list, send out RFQ’s, receive responses, analyze results, select the winner and notify the unsuccessful bidders. 

Before automation, our process was:

  • Select a manual predefined supplier list (spreadsheet) based on what equipment types (flatbed, dry van, etc.) are available for your specific needs. Each Logistics Specialist kept their own version for their particular needs.
  • Email all the suppliers on the above list, which could be 20-40 or more suppliers.
  • Receive all these email responses from the suppliers.
  • Compile all the responses in a spreadsheet.
  • Analyze the responses and select the winning bid.
  • Send manual emails to the awarded supplier and the unsuccessful bidders.
  • Consolidated reporting was almost impossible with all the spreadsheets.

After automation, our process is:

  • All the supplier information is stored in a Support Central database and automatically selected in a workflow based on equipment type.
  • The workflow generates database records for each supplier (controlled by a high level of security) and generates emails to each selected supplier.
  • The supplier clicks on a link in the email they receive, which takes them to their specific database record, which they then update with their bid.
  • When the bid time is up, all the bids are selected into the workflow. They are analyzed, and a winner is chosen.
  • The winner is flagged in the workflow; then an email is automatically generated to the winner and all unsuccessful bidders.
  • Now from a dashboard, management can review by supplier all bidding information.
  • No manual emails sent to or from the supplier.

A conservative estimate is that this reduced our process time by 50%. This is just another endeavor by the Allyn Logistics Team to streamline our processes and value our customers.

Contributor: Brent Hendricks

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