Logistics Tech Trends

Posted on March 12, 2013. Category: Logistics Publications

“I'm excited about the opportunities with mobile phones and being able to receive information on the go and relevant to what I'm doing at that moment in time.” Quoted by: Susan Wojcicki, Senior Vice President of product management and engineering at Google.Some of the technologies that will have the biggest impact on logistics and supply chain management in the coming year are: mobile computing, analytics software, and social media. These factors are increasingly becoming primary impact variables in the logistics and supply chain arena. Mobile computing devices, such as smart phones or tablets, could have...

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A Perspective on Globalization: European Crisis to Latin American Investments

Posted on March 09, 2013. Category: Logistics Publications

Since 2009, the Eurozone has been facing a fast paced and dramatic economic breakdown. As a result of the long economic struggles, several European countries have been badly influenced. Greece has a huge national debt and Spain’s market crashed due to long term loans and bankruptcy of some important companies (both have led to the highest unemployment rates in the last 20 years). Even countries like Portugal and Italy are now deemed as economically unstable. However, among all the well-known theories and reasons tackling the causes and consequences of the Eurozone crisis, it would be interesting to analyze how the...

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Conflict Minerals Reporting Regulations

Posted on January 19, 2013. Category: Trade Publications

Is your company involved in a field that includes the manufacturing of electronics, piping, aerospace, machining tools, or any alloys used in those industries? If so, then you need to be aware of Rule 1502 recently instituted by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) regarding the use of conflict minerals that are most commonly used in those industries.The SEC is proposing a rule (effective date November 13, 2012) to institute changes to the annual reporting requirements for companies who file reports pursuant to Sections 13(a) or 15(d) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. The proposed changes would require reporting standards regarding the...

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Successfully Importing Into Russia

Posted on January 11, 2013. Category: Trade Publications

While it is important to gain access to emerging markets, companies must ensure compliant processes are followed diligently. This problem presents itself in Russia, as many people would like to do business there, but won’t risk it, as they aren’t confident it can be done compliantly and without corruption. Allyn International (Allyn) has been managing imports into Russia for clients for several years, and Allyn’s processes always begin and end with compliance. This document outlines the Russian import environment and how Allyn can help your company be successful in Russia. Business Environment ...

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Informal Entry Changes

Posted on December 01, 2012. Category: Trade Publications

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has issued a final rule regarding changes to what may be considered an “informal entry.”An “informal entry” has been any shipment valued at less than $2000. Anything valued at more than $2000 is considered a “formal entry” and requires a customs bond and a minimum merchandise processing fee (MPF) payment of $25. As of Jan. 7, 2013 the minimum value for an “informal entry” will be raised to $2500 for qualifying items. Also, any qualifying shipment valued under $2500 will be eligible to clear without a bond, in an expedited...

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U.S.-Panama Trade Promotion Agreement Implementation

Posted on November 15, 2012. Category: Trade Publications

The U.S. - Panama Trade Promotion Agreement was signed into law in October of 2011, however it was not implemented.  President Barak Obama has proclaimed that it is effective as of October 31, 2012.       Here is what you need to know about the U.S. – Panama Trade Promotion Agreement:General Note: Harmonized Tariff Schedule General Note 35 (GN 35) will contain specific information on this agreement. Originating goods:1)    Good is wholly obtained 2)    Good is produced entirely in the territory  a.    Each of the non-originating materials undergoes an...

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Customs Recordkeeping Made Easy

Posted on November 11, 2012. Category: Trade Publications

Having trouble locating a specific customs record?  Do you have to look through filing cabinets for old documents or travel offsite and rummage though boxes and files to find a customs entry?  U.S. Customs requires that importers retain their records for a period of 5 years.  This can be a daunting task.   An importer may be subject to customs penalties if a document can’t be produced.   Additionally if an importer asks their broker(s) to send them copies they may find a hefty charge associated with this request.  Allyn International’s...

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Paperless Customs Clearance had been launched in August in China

Posted on September 12, 2012. Category: Logistics Publications

The paperless Customs clearance had been launched by the twelve customhouses of China at the beginning of this August. All paper documents now have to be turned into electronic ones. There is no any paper document during the whole declaration process now. It has highly improved the Customs clearance efficiency and reduced the expenses.   According to the previous standard official process, In order to apply to the Customs on site, all the Business Enterprises have to print out the Customs declaration form, contract, invoice, packing list, bill of lading and supervision documents and so on. In this way, there...

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Ask Your Logistics Experts… Is It Possible to Expedite Customs Clearance of Cargo Arriving by Ocean

Posted on June 15, 2012. Category: Logistics Publications

Q: Is It Possible to Expedite Customs Clearance of Cargo Arriving by Ocean to the U.S.?A: Many first-time ocean-transport customers wonder if they will need to wait days for their cargo to clear customs before being allowed to collect it. Luckily, the answer is ‘no’! In fact, you don’t even need to wait for your cargo to arrive in the U.S. Port of Entry before submitting your documents for clearance.  It is possible to have your cargo “pre-cleared” so when the ship discharges your container(s) from the vessel,...

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Ask Your Logistics Experts… What Is a Letter of Credit?

Posted on June 15, 2012. Category: Logistics Publications

Q: What Is a Letter of Credit? A: A letter of credit is an agreement between two parties—a buyer and a seller— that is issued by a bank acting as an uninterested party. The seller will only get paid after performing specific actions that the buyer and the seller agree to.Example: A seller must deliver goods to a specific airport to satisfy the requirements of the letter. Once the goods are delivered, the seller must provide documents proving delivery was made. The credit can now be paid by the buyer.A letter...

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