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The Use of Technologies in Customs Procedures

For years, international organizations have been involved in promoting new strategies to enhance international trade under the globalization framework. Perhaps no aspect of trade has played a bigger part in the globalization and facilitation of trade than technology. A significant increase in e-commerce has created a need for better and more efficient technological applications that improve both communications and the customs administrative process.

To illustrate this, the Mexico customs authority better known as SAT (Servicio de Administracion Tributaria), has implemented a new method promoting the idea of “paperless customs systems”. This is called DODA (Documento de operacion de Despacho aduanero), this e-document is based on a QR code that includes all the information regarding customs clearance.

Nevertheless, applying this new method of customs clearance procedure it is not affordable for all nations specifically developing countries or all size companies. Despite the efforts of international organizations such as World Trade Organization, the use of advance technology is not one hundred percent available worldwide.

Allyn International’s in-house software facilitates data access and provides visibility to the client’s customs entry and export process while making significant reductions in shipping and customs delays. It keeps a well-organized record of documentation concerning trade operations. In addition, the software allows for post clearance audits, and evaluation of payment of duties, providing better visibility when communicating with tax and customs authorities.

To conclude, a significant increase in the use of technologies to share information regarding customs simplifies the movement of goods and creates added value for companies and countries by having a positive financial impact and reducing delays. .

Contributor: Irving Zamora

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