Is the 4th Party Logistics (4PL) Concept Made for You?

There are two aspects (qualitative and quantitative) in a study used to determine if an organization and their logistics profile are suitable for the 4PL concept.

Qualitative Aspect

Our goal is to ensure that we understand your business CTQ’s (Critical To Quality).   We examine your operational and strategic requirements in order to confirm compatibility with the 4PL concept and to ensure that the quantitative part of the study compares "apples to apples".

Quantitative Aspect

This part of the study focuses mainly on analyzing the shipment profile and spend of an organization to determine the suitability of the 4PL concept and return on investment.
The goal of the analysis is to analyze spend, shipments profiles, pattern recognition and trends to determine how the business performed in the past and what possible savings Allyn can achieve.  During the qualitative study Allyn will analyze the volume and flows to confirm they are sufficient for the 4PL concept.   We will compare your historical data to a logistics market snapshot in order to determine potential direct savings which a 4PL implementation would generate.

Ideally, data for a period greater than 3 months should be supplied to realistically estimate yearly trend and volume. Format and detail of the data can vary.

Data and Information Protection

Allyn is fully prepared to sign confidentiality clauses or similar in order to guarantee that the provided data and information will not be used for other purposes than the specific 4PL study.

Please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to present you with further information and help you investigate the 4PL potential for your company.


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