4PL Main Benefits

Implementing a 4PL freight management system brings our clients many benefits including access to a uniform process via our custom deisgned transportation management system, scope and reach from our global operations, and expertise tailored to the local market. Collaborating with Allyn will allow you to leverage your purchasing power and improve service providers performance.

Some of the Main Benefits

  • Neutrality – acting on behalf of our client and implementing their strategy
  • Single point of contact – dedicated personnel specifically trained on our clients CTQs
  • Open-book management, full transparency – no margin on transportation, freight spend remains in the hands of our client
  • Material flow optimization – our transport management system enables freight consolidation and "back haul" opportunities
  • Substantial logistics costs savings – direct savings through logistics sourcing and consolidated transport spend, logistics cost avoidance & infrastructure savings for our client 
  • Gain in productivity – the routing center can handle all your logistics needs on your behalf
  • Global sourcing strategy & synergies – regular strategic reviews to identify process improvements and cost reduction opportunities
  • Industry best practices benchmarking – process optimization and market intelligence
  • Data ownership & visibility – our Transport Management System captures a wealth of logistics data, provides a high level of inventory visibility, and produces meaningful KPI's
  • Continuity of personnel – we provide qualified and well trained personnel and ensure personnel continuity.


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