Dashcams Lowering Insurance Cost

Posted on February 23, 2017

Trucking companies are considering the installment of on-board cameras to help improve safety; but even better, are now being provided with the incentive of a lower insurance cost. As trucking insurance continues to become more expensive and difficult to obtain an insurance cost reduction is a huge perk. Not to mention that if used properly these cameras can help carriers improve monthly Compliance, Accountability, and Safety (CAS) scores.

In 2016, insurance costs significantly increased causing a concern for trucking operators and their shipper customers. Due to this increase, many of the smaller trucking operators with limited insurance options are going out of business, and transportation rates are at risk. Many carriers are now testing out these cameras and others have done the full implementation to ensure lower insurance cost.

A mobile app that works with iPhone and Android will convert phones into dashcams. Aside from video recordings, the app will also provide data on driver performance and safety scores. In addition to the data, the app provides training videos that are sent automatically. Once the training is completed by driver the training completion is reported back to the insurance account.

Many drivers are against the use of on board cameras as they believe they will be used to monitor them closely. Other drivers fear their privacy could be invaded if the cameras were hacked. However, trucking companies are confident that these cameras will help protect their drivers.


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