California Local Sales & Use Tax Rates Change

Posted on March 13, 2012. Category: Tax Publications

State Board of Equalization announced local sales and use tax rate increasesThe California State Board of Equalization has announced increases to a number of local sales and use tax rates effective October 1, 2012.Of the eight counties listed, all experienced an increase in rates.  Rate changes ranged from 0.25% to 1% compared to the old rates.   California SBE Special Tax Notice Number L-321, dated 9/1/2012, details the jurisdictions and their new rates.  Additionally, Solano County extended its present tax rate through September 30, 2030.  Stanislaus County extended it current tax rate through June 30, 2018.What are the Rates?  Area     ... Read More

Top 4 Business Cost Saving Strategies

Posted on March 13, 2012. Category: Logistics Publications

One of the most important goals for every business is to be profitable. Businesses not only need to grow in sales revenue, but also control or cut costs in order to reach their financial objective. Cost saving strategies will help businesses evaluate current expenditures and find ways to cut costs. When businesses incorporate cost saving strategies, they can gain a competitive cost advantage in the market and even generate more growth opportunities. Below are the four most effective and commonly used cost saving strategies.Prepare a Budget Budgeting is the first step in financial planning. It will help you figure... Read More

AISF Allyn International Services France – Specific shipments, specific requests, specific countries

Posted on March 13, 2012. Category: Logistics Publications

Russia – Customs convey, specific documentationAISF has been chosen by one of its new client to organize the shipment to Russia of a full production line automation system for the automotive industry. This project consists of door-to-door transportation of about 8 full trucks. The first truck was loaded in April and the other ones will be loaded in June within 10 days.Material is manufactured and loaded in France and delivered to Russia, in Togliatti (about 1200 km far from Moscow).The transit time is about 12 days excluding the import customs process ex Europe.Actually, in Belorussia and in Russia the... Read More

Six Best Practices to Reduce International Transport Cost

Posted on March 12, 2012. Category: Logistics Publications

The savings opportunities related to low cost country (LCC) sourcing strategies have far out-weighed concerns regarding the processes and systems needed to efficiently manage a global supply chain.  Surprisingly, few organizations have clear transportation management initiatives surrounding their LCC sourcing strategies to ensure they truly reap the intended benefits.  To this end, below are six best practices you may want to consider using to reduce international freight costs:1.  Ensure your sourcing team understands Incoterms® and applies them correctly.  Also make sure packaging and global trade requirements are clearly set.  If you do not have... Read More

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