What is Leadership?

Posted on January 02, 2019

Leadership at its core is leading others towards a common goal; this requires the leaders team to either follow through by pulling them by their shirt collar or through an eager march. The response of those being led is typically a direct reflection of their leaders. To be a “leader” isn’t the challenge; the challenge is to be an effective leader that would make others want to follow you. To become an effective leader means to do several things such as: 

1) “Fill their tank before you take from it”- As a leader you must invest in your team, whether that’s through continued training, wellness training, or being personally invested in team success; you must “fill their tank” before you can take from it. Employees that feel invested in will want to help you achieve your goals because they too are invested in the success of the team.

2) “Different strokes for different folks”- Understanding that different employees have different needs is critical to leading successfully. Different employees are going to have different “appreciation languages,” thus learning how they like to be recognized and appreciated can help to build a positive culture where everyone feels that they’re valued.  

3) “Just another day in paradise”- While challenging at times, as a leader you set the tone for your office or workplace. Ensuring a positive environment comes from a leader that understands the importance of emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence is critical in ensuring that you respond to challenging situations and stressful times with grace and respect for those that you’re interacting with. Maintaining consistency creates an environment where people know what to expect as well feel safe and secure with their leaders.

The difference between pulling your employees by their shirt collar or through their eager march has a great deal to do with how you respect and appreciate your team. Showing every team member that they’re valued by speaking their “appreciation language,” as well as ensuring a safe environment that encourages creativity and honesty, will prepare your team for the march towards success.

Contributor: Katelyn Bolding 

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